Let's Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

June 8, 2017

Special Occasions
By Maggie Toussaint

As a December birthday, I spent my entire childhood wishing my birthday was in the summer like my brother and sister’s. For one thing, they didn’t get shorted on presents because “Christmas is coming soon.” They got to go swimming and eat watermelon at their June birthday parties. I did not fare as well.

Now, as an adult, I realize many special events happen in June. Father’s Day comes around on the third Saturday of June. Weddings and graduations are traditionally held in June. And for me personally, there are two sibling birthdays, plus a daughter’s birthday. Every year June is busy-busy-busy. This June is extra-special for our family because of a baptism.

Often specific attire is needed for special occasions, whether it’s a swim suit for a pool party, a “nice” outfit for a social gathering, or a formal outfit for a wedding or prom.

Writing conferences also fall in the special occasion category. In addition to looking presentable and approachable for the entire event, there is often a “banquet” which requires attire between a nice outfit and formal wear. That’s where I have the most trouble deciding what to wear.

In my book G-1, the Guardian of Earth series, the sidekick, an android, shows up in Dr. Zeke Landry’s world with a tower of suitcases full of aloha shirts. Forman has one for every occasion. Lucky guy!

To win a digital copy of G-1 (or if you have that one, you may select G-2 or G-3), share your go-to outfit for special occasions.

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15 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

  1. For weddings and funerals and other special occasions, I haul out my blue pin-striped suit. It and I are both ancient, so whether the lapels are the right width is of no concern to either of us.

  2. For dressy evenings at conferences, my favorite outfit these days is black pants and a glittery top. It’s easier for traveling and the pants can be worn with other tops the rest of the time.

    1. It’s nice to have go-to outfits. I have so few and my tastes are nonstandard. Just this week I texted my kids for a thumbs up or down on a pair of sandals. They’re my saving grace! It helps to have advisors who take an interest in fashion and being current.

  3. I never know what to wear! and I remember when my son was young, he’d complain because his was the last birthday on the calendar. My daughter was May, I’m June, my son’s father was July (two weeks before my son). Now that we have a December birthday married into the family, he doesn’t feel quite like “the last one.”

    1. Isn’t it funny how we tend to think of years in discrete Jan to Dec units? When in actuality they roll around faster and faster the older you get! Thanks for your comment, Karla!

  4. My new LBD is a flirty faux flapper looking number — entirely out of character, but fun to wear!

    1. ow fun! I think I would have a blast in a costume shop trying on outfits from other eras. I’m guessing your flapper number is in your normal color palette?

  5. Go to outfit depends on the weather, which in Ohio can be changing every 5 minutes! Have everything from a black dressy dress to teal short sleeved dress to black slacks with a multi-colored scarf and white top.

    1. Shirley, Your outfits sound classy and wonderful. I got out of the habit of wearing dresses years ago and this spring is the first time I’ve bought a dress in a long, long time. It was quite an event in itself! Wishing you luck in the book drawing!

  6. For special occasions, I’ll wear my newest long tunic over pants. The tunic will be brightly colored, the pants will be dark and straight. I made a huge mistake when I ordered separates online for my mother of the groom outfit. I was feeling fatter when I ordered the slacks, so I ordered a a different brand and a size larger than usual but did not try them on before traveling to the wedding. Too big in the waist, they kept sliding downward throughout the day. It didn’t help that they were also too long. Although I kept the waist rolled, I still walked all over the pants legs. Ouch, the bride’s 81-year-old grandmother danced more than I did!

    1. Oh, dear! I feel for you with those too-big pants! At least they didn’t fall to your knees, so even though you weren’t entirely comfortable with the functionality, at least the color of your undies remained private!!! I relentlessly try things on before packing because between clothes having variable sizing and my weight varying a bit, I never know what will work. I’ve collected a few outfits through the years in a range of sizes, so something should work.

  7. Nowadays, it’s a long black skirt and some kind of top depending on season and the weather. Either that or a black-and-white abstract floral print dress. Luckily, we don’t have many formal occasions anymore, and living in rural Colorado, black denims usually count as ‘dressed up.’

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