Let’s Talk with Cheryl Hollon

St. Petersburg has a New Pier
By Cheryl Hollon

We have a delightful brand-new pier in downtown St. Petersburg, FL. It’s been quite a long construction phase and quite a lot of money to replace the inverted triangle that was the city’s prior icon. In fact, I loved that pier so much, I had my author picture taken in front of it.

But times change and now I need another photograph in front of the new building at the end of the pier. It’s quite different, but I love it even more. I look different now as well. I’ve got shorter, lighter hair, new glasses, but I still love a white jacket.

So as soon as things calm down with the pandemic, I’ll be out there posing with my new look in front of the new pier.

I’ve walked out to the end several times now, and my favorite time is in the early morning just after the sun has risen. The breeze is fresh and the horrible heat hasn’t begun to melt everything into a steamy swamp.

Of course, another reason to like this part of the pier is for the fishing. Not only is there a bait & tackle shop, but a coffee shop, too. This is absolute heaven.

Do you have a favorite image for your town?

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