Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

The Appeal of Video Trailers
by Nancy J. Cohen

Are you a fan of movie trailers? Do you eagerly watch the newest one for the upcoming Star Wars movie? Perhaps viewing a trailer influences you to buy a ticket you’ve been wavering on? Or you may be a dedicated series fan and watch the teaser for pure enjoyment.

Book trailers have the same purpose. They’re meant to entice you if you are a newcomer to a series or to reward you if you’re already a fan. Some are more elaborate than others, using live actors or professional voiceovers with moving video. Others may simply be a slide-show to music.

I like to do my own trailers. Nobody knows the plot or characters as well as the author. And so first I’ll jot down the basic plot points, which in a mystery include the victim and the main suspects. You have to write the text in verses that can be paired with images from the royalty-free sites. Then I pick a photo to go with each line. The part I enjoy is finding just the right picture to match the characters. It’s like seeing my story come alive. Then the search for music begins. This has to induce the proper mood in your viewers and give them a hint about the genre. For a cozy mystery, this means you’ll want a lighter tone than for a more somber suspense story.

Facials Can Be FatalHere’s what my trailer for Facials Can Be Fatal looks like when I put it all together using Windows Movie Maker. This title comes out Feb. 22 from Five Star and is available now for pre-orders:

View Book Trailer Here: https://youtu.be/6OTw5232Eeg

So what do you think? Did this interest you? Was the timing about right or too long? Did you get an idea of what the story would be about? How did the music make you feel?

If you’re an author, have you tried doing a trailer yet? The benefit, as I see it, isn’t the number of books you’ll sell as a result. I do them as a bonus to readers to share my vision of the story. If you’re a reader, do you watch book trailers? Would you view more if you knew about them?