Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

The Numbers Game
by Nancy J. Cohen

January is my month for financial planning. I have to complete my spreadsheets to send to the accountant for taxes. One of these pertains to household expenses, and the other to my writing career. It’s the perfect time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t, and what we must do next. Did the money we planned out for xyz produce the desired results? Do we need to reallocate our resources? Should we reset our goals in view of what we learned or accomplished in the previous year? Do we have to carry over some of these goals into this year?

My husband and I may have some big changes ahead. With a new grandson in the family, we’ll need to revisit our estate planning and determine how best we can invest for his future. We’re considering a move to be closer to our children, and that means determining how to swap housing locations and what we can afford. And then there is tax preparation. It’s also the month for cleaning out old records, sort of like spring cleaning but for financial statements and receipts.

None of this is on my list of favorite topics. In fact, thinking about it gives me a headache. I’d much rather be working on another story idea.

What does January mean for you?

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