Let’s Talk with Terry Odell


Turning the Tables

By Terry Odell

 upside down tableI thought I’d switch things around this week. Normally, I try to figure out what readers might find interesting, and fill a page or so with my thoughts on the topic. But this time, I don’t want to try to second guess your questions. I’ve got some of my own. Answer one and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a download of ANY of my ebooks. Answer two, and your name goes into the hat twice. Three times? You guessed it. Three chances. (Note: Some of the questions have multiple parts, but they still count as one.) And, for every ten comments, I’ll add another winner, so the more people who comment, the more prizes I’ll give away.

 And one lucky commenter/questioner will get a selection of some of my author swag. I’ve got pens, lip balm, post-its, notepads, magnets. Thanks for all the comments, and I love to hear from you. The contest is over and the winners were Linda S and Colleen C. But feel free to join the discussion!



 Question 1: Are you a single-genre reader, or do you like a variety? Do you prefer print, digital, or audio?

Question 2: Do you like series? What keeps you coming back for more? What’s one of your favorite series?

Question 3: What makes you decide to press that “buy now” button? Cover? Blurb? Excerpt? Reviews? Recommendations from people you know?

 Send a friend to this post, have them tell us you sent them, and you’ll get an extra entry.

 Ready, Set, Go!