Win 7 Free Books – February 2021

Enter to Win 7 Free Books in our 8th Anniversary Giveaway!

February 1 – 18, 2021


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The winner takes all in our February Anniversary Giveaway!

Print books for U.S. entrants only due to postal constraints.



Here’s what our authors are giving away this month:

Lois Winston – Paperback (U.S. only) or e-book Revenge of the Crafty Corpse
Nancy J. Cohen – Hardcover or e-book of Shear Murder
Debra H. Goldstein – Paperback (U.S. only) or e-book of Two Bites Too Many
Cheryl Hollon – Paperback (U.S. only) or e-book of Still Knife Painting
 Diane A.S. Stuckart (writing as Anna Gerard) – Hardcover (U.S. only) of Peachy Scream or e-book of Who’s Behind the Door for non-U.S.

 Maggie Toussaint – Paperback (U.S. only) or e-book of Spawning Suspicion
 Terry Ambrose – Paperback (U.S. only) or e-book of Secrets of the Treasure King

If you win and enjoy your free book, please consider showing your appreciation to the author by posting a review at your favorite online site.

No purchase is necessary. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. By submitting your entry, you agree to be entered into each Booklover’s Bench author’s email newsletter list. We will not share your information with anyone else, and you may unsubscribe at any time. Winners will be chosen by Rafflecopter from all entrants for the prize. Winners will be notified by email. Booklover’s Bench authors are not responsible for transmission failures, computer glitches or lost, late, damaged or returned email. Prizes must be claimed within 5 days or they will be forfeit. Physical prizes for U.S. mailing addresses only. International winners may choose from our ebook options. No transfers or substitutions are allowed. Winners must pick from the books offered.

For more, have you checked out the Nav Bar lately? Every week, one of our authors will be posting a “Let’s Talk” article, and there may be more prizes to be had over there. Be sure to bookmark our weekly blog and join the discussion.


  1. Sarah Taylor says

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

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    Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity. God bless you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  3. great way to promo and build your presensce on BookBub.

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    Good Luck everyone

  5. Shirley Younger says

    What a great collection of books to read and this cold icy weather along with the virus is a perfect time to stay in and read.

  6. Terry Buckmore says

    So many great authors!! I really hope I win, but if i don’t I’ll buy your books anyway. great opportunity to try new authors.

  7. Anne M Graham says

    Not to be greedy, but I hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. phyllisreads says

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. One of paperback.

  10. A good cozey is the type of mystery you keep on your book shelf to read again and again .Such as the mysterys you find on the Book Lovers Bench. 😏👏Kat

  11. Cozies make the best vacations! Thank you for writing more stories to take us away!

  12. Fingers crossed.

  13. Judy Donofrio says

    Nothing like you’re enjoying happening on my neck of the woods Montana. Thankfully the bookmobile lady delivers!

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  15. Awesome Giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  16. Awesome selections for your giveaway. I would LOVE to win. Thank you for the chance.

  17. Happy Birthday to all!!What a great contest with wonderful writers!I would love to win these books!Many thanks for the chance!📚💓📚

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  22. P.J. Coldren says

    I’m a reviewer [as some of your authors know] and should I be lucky enough to win, reviews will be posted. Feel free to share my info with your publicist[s] if I’m not the lucky one/.

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  24. Anne M Graham says

    Happy Birthday to all! Thank you for the opportunity to WIN!

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    Happy FEBRUARY birthday to everyone! (especially new books and their authors). These LUCKY SEVEN sound awesome!!!

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  28. Would love to read each one.

  29. Good morning from Ottawa Canada. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and I hope there will be many, many more to come. Thank you for helping us keep our sanity through the many wonderful authors and their mystery, murder and mayhem. Kat

    • maggietoussaint says

      Greeting from Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, and California! We are delighted to be here and we LOVE readers. Wishing you success in the drawing!

  30. Patricia B. says

    Happy 7th anniversary. Thank you for the giveaway.

    • maggietoussaint says

      Thanks, Patricia. We are delighted to be here, It’s been a strange year with the pandemic. It is nice to connect with readers. Good luck in the drawing.

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    Happy 7th Anniversary! And, thank you for having this exciting, as well as generous, giveaway!

  32. Awesome giveaway so eager to check out these series. The best thing about a series is that you get to know the characters!

    • maggietoussaint says

      Hi there! I’m hoping you get the chance to check out the series, Everyone, remember that we blog weekly here and there are often weekly giveaway associated with the blog posts. Good luck!

  33. Alicia Haney says

    These books sound like great reads and I love the book covers! Thank you for the chance at this very awesome and very generous giveaway.

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      Alicia, thanks for the book cover and content compliment. We authors never get tired of hearing what readers like. I hope everyone remembers that the entry to the contest is through the Rafflecopter widget. Best of luck in the drawing!

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      Welcome, Lynn. I’m so glad you are interested in the book giveaway. Here’s a reminder to all that our site motto “where readers are winners” is because we often run giveaways. I hope you’ll bookmark our site. Best of luck to you.

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      Glad you stopped by, Lynn. I love ebooks, especially since my bookshelves (print ones) are overflowing! Good luck in the drawing.

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    Thank you for having this contest. I have enjoyed many books from all these authors and would love to win these books. Very generous giveaway.

    • maggietoussaint says

      Thanks for your kind words, Leslie. We are grateful for readers who enjoy the kind of books we write. Wishing you luck!

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    This is wonderful selection of books..Thank you.

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      Hi Lily-Ann, so nice to have you join us at Booklover’s Bench. We’re delighted to meet readers who love cozies and other mysteries. Best of luck to you.

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      Hello, Robin, thanks for swinging by Booklover’s Bench, and for the Anniversary wishes! Good luck.

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      Thanks for your kind words, Vicki! We love readers at this site and hope you will stop by often to see what we are up to! Wishing you much luck.

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      Thanks, Cindy. I am feeling awesome reading all these kind words. All of our authors love readers, so we think you guys are all AWESOME too. Good luck!

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      So glad you stopped by to enter the contest, Jeanne. I sure hope it’s clear to all that the contest entry portal is the Rafflecopter. We are all enjoying these comments and are delighted to meet our reader friends! Good luck.

  54. Sarah Hassell says

    I’m always looking for new authors. This would be a good opportunity .

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      So glad you found us, Sarah. We are always on the lookout for more readers. It’s the one thing an author can never have enough of! Wishing your dreams come true.

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    Happy 8th Anniversary.

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      Thank you, Carol. We all need to remember to celebrate each milestone, especially in these uncertain times. Good luck!

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      Thank you, Sarah. So nice to have you stop by. We hope you’ll come again to check out our giveaways and our books. Readers are winners here! Good luck.

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      We hope you’ll check out our websites and follow us on social media, Karen. The Booklovers Bench authors love readers! Good luck.

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      Wishing you much luck in the contest, Jane. I am always interested in reviewers. Let’s connect!

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      I hope you take the chance to get to know us and that you stop by frequently, Syrl. There’s always something going on at Booklovers Bench. Good luck!

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    • maggietoussaint says

      We love reviews, but the Rafflecopter widget selects the winner so that we aren’t biased. Everyone has equal footing. Even so, I hope you are lucky!

  70. What a fun and great giveaway. What great books to win. Would love to read and review all these books in print format. I love to read and review in print format and have fun with it. These books I think will make it easy to have fun.
    Hope I Win

    • maggietoussaint says

      HI Crystal. Our print book prize is for US residents (though they can elect to have digital books if that’s their preference). The international prize is digital books. I hope you are having a great week. Good luck to you!

  71. what a generous giveaway from great authors!

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