Let's Talk with Debra H. Goldstein

Let’s Talk with Debra H Goldstein

November 12, 2020

Touchdown for Me
by Debra H. Goldstein

Yay! The election news is over. The hullabaloo of our local Alabama news cycle has quieted. The constant political ads for Doug Jones and Tommy Tuberville have ceased. Now, it is time to get back to what really matters in Alabama. College football.

We all want to know whether Alabama (University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa) or Auburn (Auburn University) will a) win their grudge match Thanksgiving weekend game; b) make the final four; and c) be the national champion. These are the things the college football diehards are worried about. I’m not.

Three Treats Too ManyDon’t get me wrong, I want to know these things, but only in the same passing way I want keep track of the news of the day. I like the fact that while the game of the week is on, I can easily go shopping because no one is in the stores. It also is a guaranteed time for me to write. Other than a cheer or shout of dismay from where my husband sits glued to the television set, there is nothing to distract me from writing. That quiet time is almost, but not always, better than taking advantage of shopping the stores.

Do you have a time where you have absolute quiet to read or write? Leave a comment to win a print copy (U.S. only) of Three Treats Too Many – a book with the perfect recipes to warm you this fall.

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26 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Debra H Goldstein

  1. Early morning. I am the only early riser in the house so I have a couple of hours to have my coffee, check out social media and read.

  2. Bark! Bark! Meow! Meow! Honey? Honey? Nope never quiet at my place, LOL. That’s what white noise machines and headphones are for!

  3. I love reading throughout the day. I am able to read first thing in the morning before my hubby gets up and I also read while he is watching his favorite shows in the evening

  4. Not since my husband retired. I used to have the house to myself 12 hrs. a day. Now, especially during the pandemic, we’re stuck together 24/7. I’ve tried noise canceling headphones. They don’t work when someone is constantly interrupting you. As for white noise, it’s like fingernails on a blackboard as far as I’m concerned. The constant sound of crickets, rain, or wind is just as annoying as the TV droning in the background. Sigh!

  5. I can’t begin to tell you how many books I have read since April. It has kept me sane during this horrible Coronavirus ordeal. Our libraries were closed for so long that I ended up buying my books.
    So thank you for the opportunity to read one of your books. A new author for me! I love cozy mysteries. Can’t wait to read a new one! Thank you so much.

    1. Books are the best form of taking us away from the everyday responsibilities or problems in life. Glad to be a new author… hope you ask your library for books 1 and 2….. and thank you for entering for book 3.

  6. I like quiet when I write, though since the pandemic, it has been a challenge to quiet my mind and focus. Now if I could just settle on what I want to write about!

  7. I need quiet for the first draft of a book. With our move to an apartment, quiet isn’t possible, so i rented a small co-working office where I bang out new words in the morning. Has saved my sanity!

    1. Great idea, Cheryl!! We all like a private place. When we winter in FL on the east coast , the condo ia one bedroom so I hope the library is open foe some quiet time od writing.

  8. My quiet time to read and write is in the Evening before I go to bed. This is my destresser believe it or not.
    I just love the book cover and excerpt. Book looks like a great read. I would just love to read and review this book in print format. Love the use of the cat on the cover. Purrfect title for the book.
    Please enter me.
    Hope I Win.

  9. My quiet time to write is 4 am in the morning when I am awake but the rest of the east coast is still asleep. I can get a lot of work done before normal business hours. Bedtime is reserved for reading genre fiction. This relaxes my mind to get ready for sleep.

  10. While I usually read at night before bed, I relish a rainy Sunday morning. The backstory: I usually wake up early and GO! Long ago I used to wish for and relish a raining Sunday morning because, for some reason, that would “allow” me put my work out and errands aside and stay in bed with a book.

  11. Since the start of the pandemic, my husband works from home and my daughter only goes to school in person 2 times a week, so my quiet/alone time is limited. I don’t mind, though, as I like to have them around! I’m usually by myself between 6-6:30 am, while I’m having breakfast before work because the rest of the family (excluding our cat) are still in bed. Having said that, they know I’m a book worm, and I take my reading time seriously so they try not to bother me if my nose is in a book!

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