Let's Talk with Debra H. Goldstein

Let’s Talk with Debra H Goldstein

September 9, 2021

Teddy Bear Love
by Debra H. Goldstein

Do you love fuzzy wuzzy cuddly teddy bears? Does simply seeing a stuffed bear evoke feelings of happiness or comfort? If any of this is true, this is your day to celebrate. Why? Because September 9 is National Teddy Bear Day.

Although I have gifted many teddy bears over the years and my twins had matching white Gund bears which were each their favorite lovies, I never exhibited the same type of devotion to any type of stuffed animal. For me, it was always books.

One Taste Too ManyAs a toddler, I dragged a cloth book around the house. It was replaced by board books and finally by books with words. Although I wasn’t born reading, I can’t recall a time that I didn’t read or demand that others read to me. I’m grown now (okay, that is debatable), but books are what still provide me with happiness and comfort. They give me the opportunity to escape reality, to travel to unknown places, to learn about how others, live and imaginary, live. Books are my refuge and my joy.

For a chance to win an e-copy of One Taste Too Many (U.S. only), tell me your secret love – is it books or teddy bears?

While you’re here, check out our September contest, which runs from September 1-18. The winner selects a book from the book vault on the contest page, with print books limited to US mailing addresses. Enter here!

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17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Debra H Goldstein

  1. Please don’t count my answer as I recently won this book and I don’t want to take away someone else’s chance! I didn’t have a teddy bear or any other stuffed animals, but I did have a few dolls that I just loved. My love of books was very strong, too. Green Eggs and Ham was an early favorite, and then I discovered Nancy Drew. I grew up on an island and we didn’t have a book store so my little public library was a place where I spent a LOT of time. Still do — I work in one!

  2. Books! I had lots of stuffed animals growing up, but books have always been my most comforting getaway.

  3. Books, of course. I don’t think I ever had a teddy bear, though I remember a stuffed tiger and other stuffed critters. I was never much on dolls (still find them creepy) except for my Raggedy Ann. And I had a troll horse named Minerva who had great lemon-colored hair!

  4. I never had any stuffed animals as a kid, but a wealthy great-aunt sometimes sent me a doll at Christmas. Everyone else always gave me books or crafting kits.

  5. I must confess that I still like stuffed animals. I saved most of my kids’ teddy bears and other creatures and now our grandson has them. However, I hung onto my alpaca fur teddy bears. Those are mine to cuddle! As for books, I have them in each room of the house.

  6. I don’t remember teddy bears as a kid. I may have had a big baby doll. That memory isn’t clear. Barbies were all the rage and they weren’t huggable. In fact mine were mostly headless! Not that I was a serial Barbie killer, it’s just I would hold them upside down to put pants on them, which was hard to do, and the necks would break. Bummer! I had teddy bears as a teen and I’m fairly certain I went off to college with one. My kids had both, but I made sure they had books morning, noon, and night. Once I learned how to read there was no stopping me! My husband says to this day that books are my passion, and he may be right.

    1. Books overtake everything. .. and we who love them do everything we can to introduce them to the next generations. My sister was into the Barbies and still doesn’t forgive me for trying to race her pink Barbie car twice off the bed (resulting in two broken fenders).

  7. As a kid I loved Teddy Bears. I loved stuffed animals then and still love them today.
    I grew up on Dr. Seuss, The Wizard Of OZ, Nancy drew, Hardy Boys, Narnia by C.S. Lewis so until School/School Library shut down I walked to the Library now the closest Library more than 25 miles away. We also used to have bookmobile too.

  8. That is hard. I love books, teddy bears and chocolate. I think I would have to pick books above them all. Thank you for the opportunity. God bless you.

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