Let’s Talk with Debra H Goldstein

Alone or Not
by Debra H. Goldstein

Being alone. Is it something you treasure, or does it frighten you?

My husband and sons can’t stand it. They run from one activity to another – from being with one friend to being amid a stadium of people. The idea of quiet solitude makes their skin crawl. They flick the TV remote, futz with a magazine, and finally go off to do something else

My daughters and I are the opposite. We love the hours we lounge, veg, and read. The joy of having time to enjoy a book is something we relish. In fact, one of my daughters once said she’d rather stay home with a good book than waste her time going out with a jerk. Apparently, when she met her now husband, she opted to leave the book home.

But that doesn’t change the fact we easily entertain ourselves without the help of others. As we read, we spend hours with new friends while traveling in their worlds. Consequently, we don’t realize we’re alone. We treasure the time.

How about you? Do you enjoy being alone? Are you alone when you read a book?


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  1. Marilyn Watson says

    I have to be alone when I read …I have read with noise all around me and confusion but I don’t enter the book world as easily…
    Marilyn ewatvess@yahoo.com

  2. I cherish and require alone time. It’s how I recharge. Great post!

  3. I can find endless things to do at home when I am alone. I need solitude to think, to write, and to read without interruptions.

    • Debra H. Goldstein says

      I agree. It makes a big difference having a bit of solitude… and I know you use that time well.

  4. I am usually alone when I read. I enjoy my alone time.

    • Debra H. Goldstein says

      I can well imagine you prize your time. What with teaching, students, and the hullabaloo of everything else, a few quiet moments must be wonderful.

  5. Christi King says

    Although I love spending time with friends and family, I treasure my alone time.

  6. I’m definitely a loner. Back when my first son was born, I discovered childcare would eat up most of my weekly paycheck, so I opted to start freelancing. I’ve worked from home ever since and am used to having total quiet for most of the day. Then my husband had the nerve to retire last year. It’s been quite an adjustment, to say the least. (Believe me, you don’t want to hear what I really think of this new normal!)

  7. Definitely a “loner” though life has forced me to pretend I am an extrovert. I need my recharge time, though, especially at conferences! As for books, I can read alone, covered in dogs and cats, standing in line at the post office, etc etc. Fortunately my husband and I each have our own office in the house, but they are right across from each other, so unless we close both doors and put on headphones, we’re never quite alone when we’re both home.

  8. I love to be with my book and music on. Never alone when I have my books.

  9. Pam Hopkins says

    I enjoy my “me” time. I read constantly, not necessarily only when I’m alone.

  10. I need time alone in equal measure with social interaction and I count time reading as time alone. Reading restores my spirit and gives me a chance to spend time with friends that I can escape by merely shutting the book. It’s not that easy in real life. There are all these goodbyes, leaving the room, pretending you have a phone call. Yes, all of that is me. LOL

  11. I am never alone when reading. I have three furbabies on my lap to keep me company. That and my Cajun hubby is retired so he is always somewhere in the house or garage!

  12. I enjoy my quiet time. I very seldom have the TV on. Maybe some quiet music, and an occasional binge watching Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, but my alone time with I book, is what I love.