Let's Talk with Debra H. Goldstein

Let’s Talk with Debra H Goldstein

March 5, 2020

Beginnings and Relics
by Debra H. Goldstein

Let’s talk about new beginnings and aged relics – lately, I’ve had an opportunity to see both up close. March heralds not only the first day of Spring, but it also marks the month during which I appeared on this planet. Consequently, I always anticipate both with an eagerness as to what will unfold in the future. The same thing is true when I start writing a short story or put the first words on paper for a new novel. There is an excitement I experience that can’t be measured.

For me, a birthday also is a time of reflection. I look back at the past and realize the remaining future is more limited than I would like. But I can’t dwell on that anymore than I can waste time thinking about the stories or books already published, but no longer in circulation. The important thing about these aged relics, including me, is that I had an opportunity to create them and to do the best I could at that moment in time.

That’s the beauty of the written word for all authors. We constantly produce something new, but we can look back at the aged relics with satisfaction. Some will be lucky. Their works will become classics. Even if such success doesn’t happen, if we wrote something that brought joy, comfort, mental challenges, or frustration to a reader, in my mind, we can’t beat that.

To win a copy of my first novel, Maze in Blue, a mystery set on the University of Michigan’s campus in the 1970’s, leave a comment about a book or story that made an impact on you.

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11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Debra H Goldstein

  1. Debra, I love the looking forward and looklng back contemplation for your birthday month. It’s good to see how much you’ve done and what a difference you’ve made to not only your family and fans, but also to your community. Well done.

  2. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and a birthday week full of smiles. Self-reflection is necessary for authors. In a profession where so much is out of your control, writing the best possible book every time is the only way to reach for what we want.

  3. Happy birthday from a fellow aged relic! 🙂 And to address the past, I find it difficult to read my previous work, mostly because my mind won’t get out of the edit phase and I keep thinking about what I “shoulda” done. Onward and upward, I say!

  4. I’m working to get all my relics…er, books…available to readers again. Yes, birthdays are better looking forward these days. The years stretching behind us are filled with memories. We have more new ones to make ahead.

  5. Happy birthday! Although many books have made an impact, I would say the first was probably the Myer She Wrote series. I always loved to read but the books available at our school library were easy below my reading level (and my interest level). The local library is very small and didn’t have a big selection either. I liked the show so my mom would buy me the books one at a time from nearby stores. I’ve been reading the series since elementary school and still add the new ones to my collection as they release.

  6. Ok my Catholic picture book was my 1st book I we owned. The impact was huge because it was life &death to me as a child. The flood, burning bush, throwing down the tablets, so much anger up on the cross. ~wow ~ I ended up being a very forgiving, mild mannered person.
    The next books were Snoopy, very happyhappy full of happy animals. Interesting becaus because my life has always had animals and I have gone out of my way to make them have a good life. Sitting up all night as our beagle with cancer could not sleep. Vet was Going to kill him but I cared for him another 4months he lived happily in the yard with family. Same with bunnies when ending life came they were in my arms.I learned kindness from snoopy books. How to be and how Not to be the person behaving badly.
    Then Nancy Drew when I could get to school library. I collected soda bottles for snoopy books. The grocery store gave me the money, the time store the only place to get books. $.25-$.35
    I still have them.

  7. The first book that had an impression on me was one that had short stories in it. It was my grandmother’s book and I was lucky enough to get it after she died!

  8. The first book I remember making an impression on me was The Little Engine That Could! My mom while reading this to me, said that I could accomplish anything if I set my mind to it and didn’t give up!

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