Let's Talk with Lois Winston

June 24, 2021

Let’s Talk with Lois Winston

Moving, Moving, Moving
By Lois Winston

The movers come tomorrow. After twenty-three years of living in my current home and most of my life spent as a Jersey Girl, my husband and I are heading south. Not to Florida like so many former Jerseyites but to Tennessee.

Truthfully, I still have trouble wrapping my head around that. I never thought I’d be spending my Golden Years anywhere other than the Garden State, except maybe for Manhattan if I’d been so lucky as to win Mega Millions or Powerball. I never did. The most I’ve ever won on a lottery ticket is a measly seven bucks!

Throughout the time I lived in Pennsylvania, I couldn’t wait to get back to my home turf. But at least I was only a short car ride away. Not so from now on. We’re moving to the Nashville area because one of our sons and his family moved there two years ago. It’s not a bad drive back and forth, especially since my brother-in-law and sister-in-law live exactly halfway in-between, providing us with our very own private B&B, complete with my sister-in-law’s fabulous cooking.

However, recent events have made us realize that as we age, it’s best to have family nearby, family you can rely on in emergencies. Hence, the decision to move. It turns out we’re not alone. A lot of people are moving to the Nashville area, thanks in part because many companies are relocating there. That’s why my son and his family moved two years ago. And because so many people are looking for homes in middle Tennessee, there aren’t many available. Those that are get snapped up within hours of going on the market and well-above asking price.

Originally, we had figured we’d wait until the pandemic was behind us, but a few months ago, thanks to the real estate market, we realized we’d better not wait any longer. So, in the middle of a pandemic, we decided to move. At least we’re both vaccinated now.

The house we bought was listed on a Friday. We had an appointment to view it the next day at 2pm. By the time we arrived, the owner already had five offers. She was deciding at 3pm. And I thought real estate in the NY metro area was crazy!

I’ve been on a rollercoaster ever since, but I think we’re coasting to the end of the ride. At least I hope so! Although, we still need to redo the floors, buy a washer and dryer, a new sofa, some outdoor furniture and a grill, paint, and unpack after the movers arrive with all our stuff…

I guess we still have several more loop-de-loops on that rollercoaster before we can kick back and enjoy our new home.

Moving is one of life’s big stressors. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t always handle stress as well as I’d like, or even as well as my amateur sleuth Anastasia Pollack, but I keep trying. How about you?

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22 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Lois Winston

  1. Lois, I just moved for the third time in two and a half years and we finally found our forever condo. It was stressful each time and I deliberately tried to get more rest including afternoon naps. I also indulged in a few of my favorite comfort reads that sooth me. It helped.

    1. Cheryl, when we moved in 1984, I thought we were moving into our forever home. Then we moved again in 1998, and I thought the same thing. I’m hoping this latest move is the last one for us. Unfortunately, I’ve always been one of those people who feels worse after an afternoon nap, but comfort reads sound like a great idea. Thanks!

  2. When I was a kid, we moved about every two years. As a result, I find moving less stressful and kind of exciting. However, now that we’ve been in the same house for 13 years, the thought of moving is daunting. I wouldn’t mind another move, but would only want to do it for the ‘perfect’ place. Too bad we can’t decide on what that is! Might just be stuck here for good!

  3. The only times I moved was when I was in college many moons ago and those times I moved were very stressfull despite having less stuff then a home. Wish I could’ve moved only twice(once when I moved into college and the second time when I graduated college. Moving is so stressfull no matter what.

  4. Oh moving. Shaking head. Very hard. I don’t mind unpacking as much as packing. The real estate market is crazy here too, behaving exactly the same way you described. And moving to be near family. I’m lucky sons are nearby. Good luck!

  5. I’m one of those people who need change in their life and I used to like moving…new place, new neighborhood, new neighbors, a chance to reinvent myself.
    Now. after better than 20 years in my house, I look around and dread the thought of relearning even the way the stove works makes me want to lie down and forget about it!
    Kudos for you taking on the rollercoaster!

    1. Michele, I discovered boxes of items I had moved from 23 years ago. I figured if I haven’t missed those things in more than two decades, it was time to get rid of them. We wound up donated quite a bit. It’s still daunting, though.

  6. We move about once every 15-20 years whether we need to or not. 🙂 But as we’re doing lots of remodeling to the current abode, my plan is that any next move will be to the cemetery. 🙂 Good luck on your new place!!

  7. I’m moving next spring….to a small-college town, and I’m sooooooooooo going to comb through this article/shared reality for info, tips, and de-stressors.

  8. I hope your move goes smoothly and that you find all the stuff you packed! Whatever happens, you’re closer to family, and you’ve got a fresh start. With the family connections, you won’t be starting from scratch with recommendations for restaurants, docs, and everything else. I hope we can connect sometime in person now that you’ll be living merely 10 hours away from me!

  9. Good luck, Lois. The move is only the beginning. Once you’re in the house, you’ll find all sorts of things to fix. We are here in this place since December and I’m finally beginning to feel settled, although not totally. It’ll take time.

  10. Ugh, we’re just going through some renovations and I’m stressed over it. Can’t imagine actually moving. (Plus, I have two granddaughters due this summer within three weeks of each other. Lots of changes!)

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