Things That Confound Me

by Maggie Toussaint

While my Dreamwalker Mystery sleuth Baxley Powell isn’t easily confounded, I certainly am. For instance, I don’t know how the same sweet young woman got tricked into recording pitches for so many credit card companies and vacation getaway places. She’s been Emily, Elizabeth, and a few other names. These calls come in at all hours of the day and evening and often display local phone numbers. It’s to the point where if I don’t recognize the phone number, I’m not picking up the call.

Other things that confound me: the number of bugs that meet their maker on my windshield, the relentless growth of weeds, the disappearance of a stain as you put laundry in the machine and the reappearance of it fresh from the dryer, why I pair pink and green all the time, why thunder makes me cringe but lightning does not, why I love flowers but I’m allergic to them, and more. When I get confounded, I get lost in my thoughts and need a distraction.

In Confound It, Baxley has all kinds of figuring-out mojo and that makes her a great sleuth. She takes each case in stride, though it’s always something new and unsettling. The difference between her and me is that she knows she’ll figure it out. Luckily, she’s preoccupied with murder instead of laundry stains, kamikaze bugs, and the like. She’s plucky, determined, and supersized with extrasensory talent.

Chime in with something that confounds you. One commenter, selected by, will win a kindle version of my Lindsey & Ike novella, Really, Truly Dead.

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