Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Alien Invasion

By Maggie Toussaint

aka Rigel Carson

g2 finalIn my brand new book, G-2, which is book 2 of The Guardian of Earth Series, the main topic is alien invasion. These particular aliens say they come in peace and want to do business with us Earthlings. Countries all over the planet roll out the red carpet to try to lure the aliens to purchase their wares.

My protagonist feels like Henny Penny running around squawking about the sky falling. He knows the truth, and these visitors are ruthless barbarians. Unless the world wakes up or starts listening to him, there will be dire consequences.

germs-at-homeIn this light, I thought about creating a comment thread of alien invasions. For one, I always feel like aliens have invade my body when I come down with a cold. Absolutely nothing is right, but I must go on offense (with fluids and cold meds) and defense (resting) to get better.

Another kind of invasion around here is Ga-Fla weekend. On the weekend these two neighboring state universities play each other, always in Jacksonville, there’s a mad crush of Atlanta people pouring into Georgia’s Golden Isles. Traffic slows to a snarl, and you can forget finding a quiet spot at the beach. Everyone is in serious party mode.

What feels like an alien invasion to you? House guests? Unwanted rodents? The lumpy stuff in the back of the fridge? Tourists or festivals in your hometown? One lucky commenter will win a copy of G-1, my futuristic thriller, in digital format.


  1. My winner for this contest is Karla! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Mosquitoes in the house are always out to get me. I have to launch a war against them.

  3. Here in Savannah, St.Patrick’s Day is the ultimate invasion, complete with green men (and women) who are green for various reasons (sometimes all at once). All one can do is bolt the door.

    • Ha!!! I love it. Lots of green folks for St Paddy’s Day. Did you know that some folks down here decided to imitate the Savannah event? We have a parade of decorated golf cart “floats” to be judged by real courtroom judges. It’s somewhat hysterical to view, less fun if you have to actually get out of Shellman Bluff during the parade.

  4. Hey Maggie and Karla, me too. I’m fighting the nasty bugs with high doses of Zinc & C. It does work and I hope this alien invasion is over soon!

  5. Bugs. Up where we live, we don’t have many (thank goodness), but during our Florida days, it was a constant battle to convince them they had the entire outdoors and there was no need for them to come inside.

    • Good one, Terry Odell! We have love bugs that like to exist in swarms near the road. Used to be they weren’t so bad, but there are more of them now, and they have both a spring and a fall crop. Not Fair. Glad you made it to a mostly bug-free zone.

  6. Congrats on the new release, Maggie. I’m currently being invaded by the creeping crud (cold and flu), unwanted aliens!

    • You have my deepest sympathies, Karla. It’s so hard to find the right blend of how much you can do and still fight the germs effectively. I always think I can lick it until I’m completely immobilized. I hope you have better sense than me, LOL!