Let's Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

December 24, 2015

Gingerbread Men Rule!
By Maggie Toussaint

gingerbread_man 001 web

Close your eyes for a second and imagine your favorite holiday cookie. Got it? Me too. I’ve always had a yen for Gingerbread men. As far back as I can remember, that was THE treat I wanted most during the holidays.

I didn’t want that pan of gingerbread topped with lemon sauce (though I now think that’s delicious). Nope, for me it was always gingerbread men. My love of them prompted me to make them for my family, and now my kids and grandkids love them too. The cinnamon imperials really make them, don’t you think?

KP Authors Cookbook

My gift to you is this treasured recipe, and best of all, it’s included in a FREE cookbook. All you have to do is download and you could be starting a new holiday tradition for your family. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or something else, I hope you’re able to spend time with the people you love. Click the book cover above to download, or click here: FREE COOKBOOK.

Happy and merry everything!

Maggie Toussaint

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9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

    1. Merry Christmas to you, Magnolia! I hope you have a joyful holiday with poignant moments of peace.

  1. We celebrate all kinds of things in December — gingerbread men are always welcome to join us. Thank you!

    1. I’m glad to hear you support multiple holiday traditions, Tina. It explains so much about your even keel and calm countenance.

  2. I’ve already got the cookbook. And no matter what you’re preparing, the holiday memories seem to revolve around food, don’t they. Our cookie of choice is rugelach, but I’ll take a gingerbread man any day.

    1. Thanks, Karla. I’m not a “natural” cook, but I can follow a recipe as well as the next person. There are quite a few fantastic cooks in my world, so I’m always asking folks for recipes of food they’ve cooked and that I like. I’ve also found the web to be a great resource for recipes. If you’ve had something you like and forgot to ask for the recipe, you can plug the name in, say “Maryland Crab Soup” and search for something that fits the bill. And yes, I had Maryland Crab Soup on Christmas Eve at a diner and I’m going to figure out the recipe from online. I love seafood and I love veggies!

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