Let's Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

June 30, 2016

Guilt and more guilt
By Maggie Toussaint

Some days are full of coulda-beens and woulda-beens. You know what I’m talking about, those things we’ve done and those things which we’ve left undone. The stuff that makes us feel icky inside.

Yes, I’m talking about the worst kind of trip – a guilt trip. It can make your heart pound, make your palm sweat buckets, and make your stomach regret lunch.

happy-homicides-summertime webThose are the ordinary guilt trips. In “Turtle Tribbles,” a Lindsey & Ike romantic mystery novella, Lindsey feels an enormous amount of guilt because of something she said. She was just doing her job as a newspaper editor, but still. Someone died trying to get a story for her.

It’s enough to make a grown woman put her life in danger to get justice for her new friend.

Have you ever done something bold, daring, or out of character as a result of feelings of guilt? Share it and I’ll enter you into a drawing for Happy Homicides 3: Summertime Crime. It’contains “Turtle Tribbles” and many other fine novellas, including one by Deborah Sharp. Winner will be announced July 7.

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24 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

    1. I’ve never had the pleasure, but I grew up in a matriarchal society in the South. Always seems to ruffle feathers in the rest of the world.

  1. Shame on me! Was in a relationship with a married man. After being strung along for some time, I decided to call it quits. He didn’t seem to flinch one way or the other. So I sent his wife a congratulations card to her office wishing her well! Ouch!!

  2. Guilt never makes me bold — I usually try to repair whatever damage I’ve done quietly and behind the scenes. Trying to right other people’s wrongs, however…I’ll be happy to take on the spotlight for that one.

    1. You have such a kind and nurturing spirit, Tina. So many people take the easy way out. They figure if no one calls them on their crap, it must be okay. Good for you on mending fences, continuing to build relationships, and stepping in to champion the underdog.

  3. When I was a kid, I stole a little car. My mother marched me back into the store and made me apologize to the store owner. I had to cut his lawn for the rest of the summer. I’ve been on the straight and never ever since!

    1. Wow, Kayden! That’s some tale, and your mom did a wonderful thing, helping you to correct the mistake, and making sure atonement was involved. If only parents today were as conscientious.

  4. I DID do something bold and daring and out of character, and the result was a stronger me. I would never do the same thing again, but in that situation, in that circumstance, it was essential to my survival.

    1. It takes courage to do something bold. Kudos to you, Karla, for taking a chance on yourself!

  5. To answer your first question, have I? Yes. As for sharesies…nuh uh…if I told you, I’d have to do something else I’d regret. Nuf said. 🙂

    1. I’d rather you not do anything you’d regret, Terry Ambrose. Nice to see you here.

  6. I am definitely not bold or daring when feeling guilty. Instead I hibernate and avoid everyone and everything. But let me get mad or angry at a situation, then bold and daring come out in full force

    1. You sound like a live-and-let-live kind of person, Johnna, until an underdog gets threatened or an injustice occurs. Then the Mama Bear claws come out. Sometimes we need that jolt to become aware of our limits and our strengths.

  7. I haven’t been driven by guilt, but it’s a great motivating factor for my hairdresser sleuth, Marla Shore. She doesn’t realize that seeking justice is her calling until later in the series, but early on, she’s trying to assuage the guilt from a tragedy in her past.

    1. I like that Marla is in touch with her emotions. We can be driven without knowing why. Indeed, I’ve found that the underlying causes of why we do certain things often surprise us. It’s wonderful that you are still discovering things about Marla.

  8. Terry, I can relate to your situation, except I had Jewish mother. She always made me feel I’d never fill her image of the perfect daughter. I learned to accept it and carry on with my life. Still, the little digs were often there in our conversations.

  9. Maggie, I found it fascinating how you and I both wrote about turtles, but our stories were so entirely different. A great lesson in how every author approaches her/his work in a unique way, huh?

    1. Yes. Who knew we’d both be channeling turtles? I’ve certainly enjoyed being part of the Happy Homicides experience. I’ve learned that I could write shorter, though it appears 20K is hard for me to hit on the nose. Anyway, its been a delight working with you, Joanna.

  10. I’ve selected 3 names for winners! My winners are johnnabooks, Kayden Claremont, and Lyn Ehley. Congratulations!

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