Let's Talk with Nancy J. Cohen

Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

October 22, 2015

Halloween Stories That Scare

Nancy J. Cohen

pubpinkAs Halloween approaches, we look for scary stories reminiscent of the holiday. Do you like tales with a supernatural touch? Which elements appeal to you—ghosts, demons, vampires, shape shifters, zombies, psychics, witches or ghouls?

In my romances, I tend to have heroines with special powers. My two paranormal series, including the Light-Years Series and The Drift Lords, both have empowered heroines. None of the women realize they have this ability at the start of their stories. But by the end of each book, they’ve come into their powers and use them to defeat a fearsome enemy.

My Bad Hair Day mysteries featuring hairstylist Marla Vail are more grounded, but ghosts and psychics pop up now and then.


Nancy ghost books

Ghost stories play a prominent part in Dead Roots, where Marla attends a Thanksgiving family reunion at a haunted Florida resort. I had lots of fun researching haunted sites throughout the state and then making up my own ghostly tales. In Died Blonde, a rival hairdresser in the same shopping strip as Marla’s salon is found dead. The person who inherits her establishment is the woman’s psychic advisor. She blackmails Marla into helping her manage the place. In return, the psychic warns Marla that a close relative is ill. Marla, not knowing if she can believe the lady, travels to Cassadaga. This spiritual center north of Orlando is owned by certified mediums. Here she consults a psychic who gets to the root of Marla’s interest in seeking truth and justice.

Peril by PonytailIn Peril by Ponytail, Marla encounters a ghost at a dude ranch where she and her husband are staying for their honeymoon. She visits Sedona, known for its mysterious vortexes.

Pale woman in nightgown sleepwalking or a ghost in a medieval caHere Marla hears from a spirit who warns her that the killer she pursues is someone close. When I was in Arizona researching this book, I stayed at a haunted hotel that had formerly been a hospital for copper miners. We went ghost hunting at night. This was a fun and exciting experience. I also noticed lots of orbs in my digital photos afterward. Dust molecules or spiritual entities?

So do you like these elements in books you read, or do you prefer to stay rooted in reality? Leave a comment, and I’ll gift ONE of you lucky readers with a pdf copy of Peril by Ponytail. Winner will be announced here at the end of next week.

To see all my books, go to http://amzn.to/1BYmuXE .

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21 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

  1. I agree with Maggie. I like ghosts. Ghouls, not so much.

    And I LOVED Sedona! Even though our GPS got vortexed and refused to work the entire time we were there.

  2. I’ll accept a modicum of paranormal – actually, I love time travel stories (How appropriate since yesterday was Back to the Future Day!), but most of the woo woo genre leaves me cold. Definitely not fond of werewolves, shifters, zombies and the like.

  3. Depends on the book. If it fits in with the story, I like paranormal.
    But it needs to blend well with the other elements.

  4. I don’t really like the serious paranormal, but light and funny is good. It adds an element of something unusual to the story.

  5. I love the paranormal! Have read everything from Poe to Lovecraft, James, all the greats and even Alfred Hitchcock & the pulps. I hope one day paranormal science comes into it’s own as a real science not the bump-in-the-night who-pushed-whom stuff of those reality shows. I love ghosts and witches and hints of the magical. Thank you for bringing it to your work.

  6. I always liked scary, horror stuff and only recently came back to cozies and for some reason didn’t think I would like paranormal cozies. I was wrong! I really enjoy them, just enough of a different twist to make them even more fun.

  7. I’m a fan of the paranormal. Where I live, we have paranormal investigators in town! I’ve always enjoyed ghosts and goblins, and when I was a kid, my babysitters used to dread coming over on Saturday nights – I watched Creature Features, without fail!

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