Let's Talk with Nancy J. Cohen

Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

October 8, 2020

Pumpkins, Pies, and Pecans
by Nancy J. Cohen

October is when I take out my autumn decorations and festoon our dining room table with orange tinsel, rubbery Halloween spiders and pumpkin spice candles. Scents of cinnamon drift in the air as I anticipate the upcoming holidays throughout the house.

This year, however, those family feasts and ghoulish celebrations might go by the wayside. We can’t gather together, and if we do, we have to wear masks and stay six feet apart. This will be the Fall we’ll all want to forget.

Nonetheless, don’t let yourself get weighted down by the Can’t-Dos. Pull out those Pilgrim salt and pepper shakers. Find the porcelain wild turkey and colored glass pumpkins and decorate for yourself. Order a takeout pecan or pumpkin pie and look for deals on complete turkey dinners that you can eat at home. Meanwhile, think of all the savings for your wallet and waistline from not buying Halloween candy this year. What do you plan to do for the Fall holidays?

Dead Roots, my haunted hotel story, was inspired by Disney’s film, “Tower of Terror.” This fun movie has a ghostly mystery and is great to watch for pure escapism.

Name your favorite spooky family movie below for a chance to win an ebook copy of Dead Roots.

And, while you’re here, be sure to enter our October Book Giveaway contest. One lucky entrant wins the choice of a book from our book vault. Click here to enter. 


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23 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

  1. We always have to watch Hocus Pocus and It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown at some point. The Little Vampire, Casper, and When Good Ghouls Go Bad are also our go-to Halloween movies. And Harry Potter, which really works for so many occasions.

  2. Agree with Alicia. The “family” movie would be Hocus Pocus, and you can’t not love Charlie Brown. If it’s just me, I go much gorier with my movies, LOL! From Dusk Til Dawn is one of my favorites. I <3 Halloween but not sure I'll drag out the decorations this year. We'll see.

    1. No gory movies for me, thanks. I need the G-rated ones. I’m holding off on decorating this year. Maybe because I don’t feel that festive with all that’s going on.

  3. Hocus Pocus is our family favorite. Will miss the trick or treat parade through the neighborhoods of St. Petersburg. There will be another Halloween next year.

  4. I need to get out my collection of fake pumpkins and gourds. Thanks for the reminder! My fav scary movie is BEETLEJUICE.

  5. Just the 3 of us here but no reason we can’t decorate, eat special food and celebrate. I started orange-themed dinner when my children were small because hot dogs, beans, Jell-o was an easy fix before trick or treating. My , husband, daughter and granddaughters in their own homes. still want the “Halloween Food” for dinner. For some reason I thought the Haunted Mansion movie with Eddie Murphy was really cute.

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot about that movie. We like anything Disney related. So your go-to Halloween meal is hot dogs and baked beans and orange Jell-o? That’s different!

      1. Yep, anything quick, easy and orange – in addition to hot dogs, beans and Jell-o you can add Kraft Dinner, Doritos, sometimes cupcakes, etc.. Once a year totally junky meal but I guess they enjoyed it more than I though.

  6. Hocus Pocus is my all time favorite Halloween movie. We (husband, daughter and I) love Tower of Terror also and watched that movie almost two weeks ago. We watch both every year.

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