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August 11, 2016

Do you read with your ears?
By Terry Odell


Apologies – I’ve been out of town and didn’t realize the link to the audio sample of What’s in a Name? wasn’t live in the post. It’s been fixed, so I hope you’ll have a listen.

One of my guest interview questions for my blog is whether my guests read print, ebooks, or both, and why. Well, it’s time to expand that question to include audio. I’m sure there are lots of audio book “readers” out there, and there’s no reason to exclude them from discussions.

I’ve already published some of my books in audio: My Pine Hills Police series along with my stand alone, What’s in a Name? Now, I’ve contracted to start audio book production for my Triple-D ranch series and my Mapleton Mystery series.

I confess right up front, I’m not a good candidate for audio books. My mind wanders too easily. When we moved to our current rural neighborhood, I thought the greater distances might make listening to audio books a reasonable way to pass the time on the drives, but I fear I’d drive off the road, or hit a deer, or lose my place and have to keep backtracking. But I know there are a lot of people who prefer to hear books, whether it’s because of vision problems, or distraction from housework, or any other reasons.

Are you a listener? Do you prefer audio? I know Amazon has its Whispersync technology, which means you can be reading on your e-reader, then get into the car and your audio book will pick up where you left off, and vice versa.

InHotWater_Audio_smallSo, everyone … share your preferred method of absorbing a story. I’ll give a free coupon code for the audio version of What’s in a Name? If you’ve never tried an audio book, this is your chance to start. The narrator of What’s in a Name?, Pamela Almand, is going to be reading my Triple-D Ranch books as well, and I love her narrations. Want to listen to a sample? Click here.

(Those of you who read my previous post here at “Let’s Talk” might remember I was going to a cattle ranch for research. This time, I’m at the Writers’ Police Academy doing research on all things related to first responders. I’ll be back on Monday to answer any questions, or respond to comments.)

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18 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Terry Odell

  1. My first choice is reading the ebook version. I love that so many books are on audio since that is my second choice for absorbing a story. As I grow older my eyes get tired easily. Audio makes a great second choice.

  2. I’m a fan during long distance drives, but since I don’t have as much of that as I used to, I prefer reading-reading in my day to day life. But when the long trip does present itself, my first download is an audio book.

  3. We listen to audio books on our car trips. Cracker Barrel has a nice feature where you can rent an audio book at one of their spots and return it any of their other locations.

    I still have a bookcase full of print books but these days I prefer ebooks because I can adjust the font size so easily. If I read a print book, I have to wear reading glasses. Also, with reading at bedtime, if you fall asleep reading a backlit ereader, it will automatically shut itself off. If you go to sleep reading a print book, the bedside light stays on and you have a chance of damaging your glasses when you roll over.

    1. How cool that Cracker Barrel supports reading/listening! And I’m totally with you on the advantages of ebooks for bedtime/middle of the night insomniac reading.

  4. I’ve been listening to audiobooks for decades. Love ’em. Now that I’m 65 and have arthritis in my hands and can’t see as well, audiobooks are the only books I’m comfortable “reading”. I’m so glad that a lot of authors are putting their books on audio.

    1. I agree, some print books take a lot of physical exertion just to hold open – publishers seem to want to save money by printing the text well into the gutters.

  5. I’ve been listening to audio books for what seems like forever, when they were books on cassette! I had a 2-3 hour each way commute and they were a great way to make the drive bearable. I found that mysteries, thrills and some romance kept my interest best without causing me to get distracted or have to backtrack. Now that I am retired I listen to audiobooks while exercising, either walking or on the elliptical. I prefer a book in my hand to all other formats but audio and ebooks also have their place – anything to keep reading.

  6. Generally I prefer to read, although since I’ve just put my first book into audio, I should listen to more of them. It’s a matter of making the time. I can’t listen when I drive because I’d zone out.

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