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Celebrate June 2’s Holidays Per the National Holiday Calendar

June 2, 2022

When in doubt what to write, the easy brainstorming approach is to grab a topic from whatever national day in question falls on the day the blog will appear. Brain blocked, I went to the National Day Calendar and discovered that June 2 is National Bubba Day, National Rocky Road Day, National Rotisserie Chicken Day, and National Leave the Office Early Day. There is a caveat on the National Day Calendar that if June 2 falls on a weekend, National Leave the Office Early Day will be celebrated on the closest working day.

Now that I know what is to be celebrated today, the question becomes how to go about doing so with a flair? And, how do I interpret each to make my celebration meaningful?

Bubba can be a derivative of how someone refers to a younger brother or it can be a term of endearment for a brother or a close friend. Sometimes, it is simply a nickname. Although there are sports figures, politicians, and musicians who have been called Bubba, I didn’t know any personally until I moved to Alabama. Now, I know at least four. All are nice guys, but there isn’t one I particularly want to call up and celebrate.

Moving on in my quest, I’ll jump to National Leave the Office Early Day. When I worked long hours as a judge or before that as a litigator, leaving the office early was a treat. Now that I am an author who works from home, my hours are fluid. There is no such thing as leaving the office early. Plus, if the muse strikes me, I’ll be writing on the weekend so moving the holiday to the next closest working day doesn’t seem applicable.

For me, the two remaining holidays are a toss-up. I think I’ll use both for dinner. National Rotisserie Chicken Day is exactly what it sounds like. Although I don’t have a spit for the chicken to slowly turn and cook sealing in its juices, I have the ability to go to my neighborhood supermarket and buy a rotisserie chicken. That’s what Joel is getting for our dinner celebration.

We’ll top that off with the more meaningful holiday to me – National Rocky Road Day. Although there are different means by which the combination of chocolate, nuts, and marshmallow can be mixed and termed Rocky Road, ice cream is the most common one, so we’ll be having that version. In fact, if you don’t tell, I’ll take Joel’s portion and celebrate Rocky Road Day to the hilt. He can have my share of the chicken.

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15 thoughts on “Celebrate June 2’s Holidays Per the National Holiday Calendar

  1. Well, well. Don’t we have some fine national holidays today? I was never a huge fan of Rocky Road ice cream—although I’m certain I indulged a good deal during my stint as a ‘scoupier.’ I like that much more than soda jerk…After all, I scooped a lot more ice cream than I did making ice cream sodas. Of course, the jerk part was kind of a given—I was young and male and, well, you get the picture.

    1. It is quite a mixture of holidays, isn’t it. As for the image of you as a soda jerk/scoupier…. I’ll let that rest and simply inquire what flavor ice cream you prefer.

  2. Out of curiosity, I went on one of the sites that lists holidays and observances and saw that June 2nd is also National Gun Violence Awareness Day, quite ironic given what’s been happening lately.

  3. We’re fans of rotisserie chicken so that one wins for me, although turkey tenderloins are on our menu for tonight instead. Like you, I’ll often buy the fully cooked chicken at the supermarket. It serves well as the ultimate comfort food.

  4. LOL, I accidentally celebrated Leave the Office Early Today Day today! At 4:25 the boss comes in and say, you’ve got to leave in 5 minutes because she was out the door and the other bosses all had to leave for various reasons, too, leaving no one to lock up the building. So, lucky me, I got out the door an hour early!

  5. As for me and my house, we will celebrate National Bubba Day since my BUBBA DONE IT is on sale right now for $0.99 at most digital venues. You can never have too many Bubbas!

  6. For me, it would have to be National Rotisserie Chicken Day. I love rotisserie chicken since it is so versatile and so easy to work with. Definitely great for days I am especially rushed and stressed.

    1. Cherie, as I noted in answer to Nancy’s comment… I so agree with you. Chicken can be served in so many ways that I can disguise it and make my husband think he is getting various meals (a sandwich, over a salad, on a plate, etc) without me being stressed.

  7. Love National Rotisserie chicken day. It save time and planning for lunch/dinner

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