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A Crafty Takeover: Is your house a display venue for hobbies?

January 25, 2024

My husband’s hobby is taking over all the display space in our tiny apartment. I’m not protesting too much. The transformation is a result of my husband’s growing passion for building wooden models. His beautiful and intricately designed models are gradually claiming all the scarce display surfaces.

Once upon a time, our dining sideboard stood adorned with chic accents—a stack of coffee table books, a tasteful vase, and a small wooden sculpture gifted to us by a friend. Lately, however, the sideboard has transformed as my husband has become dedicated to the art of crafting wooden models. Now it proudly showcases a collection of wooden amusement park models that are fully articulated, each a testament to his considerable woodworking skills. He also displays an articulated music box that moves the violin bow along with the tune.

In the past, our bookshelves, once singularly home to our collection of literature, now have wooden shadowboxes tucked into the shelving. These shelves have become a showcase for his interest in blending literature and woodworking.

Even our dining table has surrendered to the invasion of the wooden structures. That table is a family heirloom that now displays the results of his prowess. The Eifel Tower is a welcome reminder of many beautiful memories in the City of Light.

But that’s not all that has invaded our little apartment. These models require specialized tools, jigs, glues, and, yes, a workbench. It’s tiny, of course, but it wasn’t in my plans for our bedroom. It’s efficiency must be admired.

In the end, the wooden models serve as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of our tiny apartment home. Far from conforming to conventional design norms, our living space has become a showcase of craftsmanship and creativity. It reinforces the idea that a home is not just a static reflection of initial choices but a living, breathing entity that evolves alongside the pursuits of its residents.

Being an author is my passion, so it’s nice that each of us has a creative outlet. My tools are words and software, his are mechanical and hardware. The result is that our home is a center of creativity.

Is there a hobbyist in your house that is hogging the display space?

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13 thoughts on “A Crafty Takeover: Is your house a display venue for hobbies?

  1. Cheryl, I can think of worse things cluttering a home. Your husband’s creations are beautiful! If you start running out of room, consider adding floating display shelves about a foot below your ceilings to display them.

    1. Lois, I knew you would have a wonderful suggestion. We now cycle them from his roll-top desk to the living room and back. Thanks!

    1. I’ve now challenged him to create a model for Christmas Gifts — we’ll see how that dents the inventory.

  2. You husband is very talented! Mine has an entire room devoted to his music collection. He has stacks of CDs, a bookshelf of DVDs (some of which are mine), and a player for all formats – cassette tapes, vinyl and CDs. We call this the Media Room.

    1. That sounds perfect to me. Both my sister and my brother have Media Rooms filled with instruments and recordings. I love visiting their Media Rooms.

    1. We have no cats! My neighbor occasionally lets her big tom peek in the door, but no further. LOL

  3. Mine kept bringing home signed sports pictures, balls, etc. We had two rooms decorated with “the stuff.” With changes in our life and living conditions, most has been moved to one room or to our childrens’ homes (and I’ve had the walls plugged and repainted where the pictures were). Now, look in my area and all you will see is computers, paper, paper, and more paper (okay, lots of books, too).

    1. I’ve resisted allowing any models in my office. We have such a small apartment, but he’s good for now.

  4. I love his wooden models! You are blessed to have such creativity in your home. I’ve found that creativity begets creativity. Often when I am stuck in writing, I will work on arts and crafts, photographing, or mosiacs. That gives my subconscious mind the freedom to run my writing issue as a subroutine and it gives me the freedom to feel like I’m not stuck! Soon as I go back to the keyboard, my mind is almost always turbo-charged! I also love Lois’ idea of the floating shelves for display purposes, but only if that doesn’t put them completely out of line-of-sight.

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