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First in Series

February 15, 2024

Happy Valentine’s Day! As a gift to you, I’m offering a copy of Permed to Death for FREE.

Yes, you heard me correctly. This is my first price reduction of this nature for the Bad Hair Day Mysteries. I hope to attract new readers to my series. With new covers on Hair Raiser and Murder by Manicure, hopefully I’ll gain new fans.

There’s always been controversy among authors about offering free books. Some say readers who pick up free reads or bargain books won’t buy at regular prices. Others swear that making their first in series permafree (permanently free) has helped gained readers and reviews.

I’ve tried 99 cents promotions, and while I sold more books than normal, the revenue did not meet my expenses. The risk is even higher with permafree because authors get no royalties for these books. We are gambling that readers will want to buy more books in the series. A BookBub deal would be a clincher, but I have not been able to get one. So, I’ll have to advertise in other ways. You can help by spreading the word to your friends.

Go here to get your free copy: https://books2read.com/PermedtoDeath

As a reader, I have found many favorite new authors through their freebies. I’ve gone on to buy their entire series. I’ll discover them through daily newsletters such as BookBub, The Fussy Librarian, Freebooksy and Book Doggy. These allow you to try new authors without financial risk. It’s a great way to find your next great read. Subscriptions to readers are free and you can filter your genres.

Will you be my Valentine and download my book? Please share the link with friends and help spread the word. Happy Reading!

What are your favorite ways to discover new authors or series to read?

While you’re here, visit our February contest page. This is our site’s anniversary month, so we are giving away 7 books, all of them first in series mysteries. The contest is open from Feb 1-22. ENTER THE CONTEST

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15 thoughts on “First in Series

  1. I usually find new authors through ebook deals newsletters like Bookbub, Fussy Librarian, Kindle Buffet, Freebooksy, Read Freely, and Book Cave. I have SO MANY titles in my Kindle library that I have a hard time paying full price for more ebooks unless I KNOW I love the author and/or the series, so getting free or 99cent titles via those newsletters is my best way to check out authors and series that I don’t know. I will say, also, that I’ve been trying to post a review for every book I read (really, unless I can’t give a minimum of 3 stars — less than that, I probably won’t post without a good reason) and I hope this helps authors despite my “bargain shopping” approach to trying new authors.

    1. Reviews definitely help and are much appreciated! You’ve mentioned some sites that are new to me, but I get enough of those newsletters for now. The bargain reads can definitely attract new fans to a series.

  2. Hi Nancy, I’m a big fan of trying a free/or nearly free first-in-series book to see if I want to start reading a new author. Good Luck with this experiment.

  3. Good luck with your promo, Nancy! I’m more a fan of the .99 cent promo. I’ve got one running right now for Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun, the first book in my Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery series.

  4. Thank you for the free book! Until recently, I worked at a library, so I discovered lots of new authors there.

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