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Halloween Memories

October 27, 2022

We may not have a change of autumn leaves in Florida, but there are subtle differences to denote the transition to a new season. Some trees do turn more reddish after the first few cold spells. And our humidity drops. That brings pleasant, temperate weather. It also makes me want to visit pumpkin patches and attend fall farm festivals.


When I grew up, we used to set newspapers on the kitchen table and cut away the top of a pumpkin. Then we’d reach inside to scoop out the pulp. It was a squishy mess but so much fun. We dumped the pulp into a bowl. Next, we carved the face on the pumpkin. In those days, we had to use a candle for lighting. We also didn’t have fancy totes to collect our candy. A pillowcase worked for me. I suppose these fond childhood memories are why I like this season the best.

Are you like me in buying Halloween candy to give out that are my favorites in case of leftovers? What is the treat you’d most like to receive?

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12 thoughts on “Halloween Memories

  1. What a great memory of that family time of pumpkin carving, Nancy! Back in the day, our family didn’t give out Halloween candy–we never bought candy at all! My Dad didn’t often remember the occasion and would give out quarters to kids that knocked on his door. That was back in the time when a quarter would get you a cherry coke at the drugstore, so kids were glad to have that “treat.” We were almost always ghosts, which meant that we little kids would cut holes in pillowcases (sometimes the good ones that matched-boy did we get in trouble for that). I’ve had many favs in the candy genre over the years, making up for lost time, mind you, but my current fav is Butterfingers. Yum.

    1. We just bought a second bag of candy in case we run out … and it includes Butterfingers. Cutting holes for eyes and mouth in sheets was an easy way to make a ghost costume. As for the quarters, what kid doesn’t like money?

  2. As we don’t get trick or treaters in my neck of the woods, I put out candy in a little basket on my desk at my day job for my co-workers to take. I had to run get refills today as everyone already ate up the 2 bags I bought last week. I switched from mini candy bars (I steal all the Almond Joys for myself!) to mini bags of gummy bears and mini white chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. If I have any left after Halloween…well, let’s just say they won’t go to waste (but they will go to waist, LOL)!

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