I’ve been celebrating the release of my latest mystery, DEATH A SKETCH (Paint & Shine Book #3). This book means the world to me. It is set in the county where my family originates.

These precious guitars spent their existence in the talented hands of my parents. The long marriage of my parents – over seventy-two years. It also represents their deep love of country music.

They were rural Appalachians who grew up during the depression and married right after World War II ended. My parents are descended from eastern Kentucky’s highland Scots-Irish farming families that grew up with music as part of their everyday lives. They both learned to sing and play music when they were toddlers. I don’t remember a day during my childhood when someone somewhere wasn’t singing, plucking, or jamming on a guitar, piano, or drum set.

My dad picked up guitar techniques by listening to his extended family and studying music from the country and western radio shows that played over their wireless. Dad played in the style of Chet Atkins and was also lucky to take lessons from a rising star named Meryl Travis. My dad would trade up to a new guitar every five years or so, but my Mother kept that bass forever.

My .mother taught herself how to play the bass guitar. She improvised the most amazing runs and trills to provide a rich rhythm to the family band. Yes, that’s right. This is a promotional picture of The Hollon Family. We were a Country and Western group that played in venues all over Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and even Tennessee. We mostly performed on outdoor bandstands during festivals. From the left are my dad, Wendell, my mom, Marcella, my little brother, Mark, me, and my cousin Jim.

Do you have family heirlooms that speak to you of your heritage?

My Paint & Shine Mysteries are set in the Daniel Boone National Forest. My parents were born, raised, and now rest in peace at the Adams Family Cemetery in Wolfe County, Kentucky. The characters spend a lot of time preparing traditional southern meals and creating moonshine cocktails. Please consider buying local. Independent bookstores need your help during this challenging time.

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