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Our Favorite Celebration

May 19, 2022

It’s our Anniversary! It’s a BIG anniversary! George and I are celebrating this one by repeating a previous favorite. We’re taking a Royal Caribbean cruise on one of their giant ships to Aruba and Curacao. We’ll be having a special dinner tonight.

The internet service in these floating cities is abysmal, so please be patient if I don’t see your comments for a few days. I’ll get to them as soon as I can.

As I look at our wedding picture, I am again struck by how young we were. We were teenagers embarking on a grand adventure with no idea how things would turn out. Things turned out fine.

We had children that have grown up into lovely people with children of their own. We took everyone with us on our last anniversary. That was before the pestilence. We’ll plan for another celebration when things are easier for getting everyone all together. We plan to have a ton of fun!

What is your favorite family celebration? Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, reunions, or something else altogether. Do tell.

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12 thoughts on “Our Favorite Celebration

    1. Debra, I have to admit that my next favorite celebrations is the grandkid’s birthdays. Such a delight! Enjoy yours!

  1. Happy Anniversary! A cruise is a wonderful way to celebrate. I’ve been on one of those big ships with RCCL. It’s a floating city. My favorite spot was the park. As for celebrations, I like birthdays the best.

  2. Hi Nancy, We love the Central Park feature of these big ships. Real plants are everywhere and they pipe in birdsong, too. Mostly I enjoy lounging around reading (and a little writing, of course) and relaxing.

  3. Cheryl, happy anniversary! We took a land/sea cruise to Alaska years ago for a big anniversary, and it was fabulous. As for favorite celebrations, I’d have to say any grandchild milestone.

    1. We’re having an absolute blast. I agree with your favorite — anything the grandkids are celebrating is my favorite!

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary, Cheryl. I hope you have loads of fun and adventure. My answer to your question will sound strange-funerals-but people go to funerals and often make excuses to skip family reunions. Thus, the after-funeral part becomes a family reunion in my family. We are always sad to see a family member or dear friend pass because we will miss them, but the sharing of stories and reminiscing at funerals is a rite of passage in the deep South. I don’t look forward to going to funerals but once I’m there, I feel the communion of all the mourners and know we will soon be enjoying each other’s company.

    1. Thanks for your good wishes, Maggie. I agree with you completely. My family are from eastern Kentucky and both funerals and family reunions were big occasions. Now that the original generation is gone, the last one was my mother, those events have gone as well.

  5. Hi Cheryl, congrats on the anniversary and the cruise! What a wonderful way to celebrate. We, too, love those floating cities, So much to do, and then the ports of call. For our 40th anniversary, we combined a New Zealand land tour with a 30-day New Zealand-Australia to Hawaii cruise. It was so much fun-except for when I caught the Australian flu (brutal!) and Kathy got seasick. Fortunately, both didn’t happen at the same time! My favorite holiday is Christmas. Not because of the gifts, but because it can be such a time of joy. Enjoy the trip!

    1. Thank you Terry! We’re enjoying the floating city very much and New Zealand is on my bucket trip. We’ve avoided the plague so far, but we’re masking far more than most. Fingers crossed we make it to our home port in good health.

  6. Cheryl, congratulations on your anniversary! Hope you’re enjoying the cruise. I don’t have a particular favorite family celebration. I prefer making a stop in city A and taking the grand tour to cities B and C with an invite to whoever is in the vicinity for us to get together. It’s fun and less pressure for everyone. I get stressed thinking about planned events…I’d rather roll with the flow. 🙂

    1. Thanks Diane! We haven’t had big family celebrations outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas for awhile. We tend to make reservations for a restaurant downtown and spend the evening enjoying food and drink. That way no one has to organize a thing. It works for us.

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