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Pivoting to Win

January 18, 2024

I married into a family whose blood runs Crimson. They exalted Bear Bryant and now believe Nick Saban is a god. Each Saturday, if they aren’t in the stadium, they sit glued to the television.

Usually, I don’t. It seems to me that the best part of a game – the only important part – is the final two to three minutes. After that, I know, just as they do, who won or lost.

On two occasions, I have, with mixed feelings, watched the entire game. Both times, Alabama played my alma mater, Michigan. One was the 1988 Hall of Fame game, while the other took place a few weeks ago. Even I admit that the recent game, which went into overtime, was what football should be – both teams giving it their all in a way that kept fans on nail-biting edge. Although I rooted for either team to win, a warm feeling enveloped me when Michigan pulled out the victory.

When the national championship was subsequently played, I suggested the entire family get behind Michigan. Only because Michigan had beaten their team did some grudgingly hope the maize and blue would defeat Washington. One though, agreed that the time had come to pivot.

As you can see in the photo, she clung to her statement that sometimes you have to go in a different direction to win.

It’s the same in writing. No matter how much authors think a story or plot is going in one way, they often must pivot. With luck, that pivot saves the book and makes it a winner.

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14 thoughts on “Pivoting to Win

  1. I heard pivot a lot when I took golf lessons. Everything needed to pivot and move! I flunked because of all the moving parts. However, I like it when a story does a subtle pivot that ends up changing whe story-scape.

    1. Subtle is the key — and the pivot was one of the reasons (plus other things getting in the way) that I was such a bag golfer.

  2. Hi, I enjoyed reading this. I have heard from some authors that characters know best most of the time, because they have made them have to change something in the book that they are writing. I find it so very interesting . Have a great day and a great rest of the week.

  3. I need to do a pivot on my WIP. The killer’s motive isn’t working so I’ve come up with a different backstory and have to make changes to reflect this throughout the book. As for sports, you couldn’t pay me to watch a game on TV. I’d much rather be reading.

  4. Life is made up of choices which bring us to wherever we currently are. To me, a pivot is is a major choice or change.

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