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Booklover’s Bench—we come from all genres

We’re a group of multi-published authors who like to put our readers first. All of us have spent years in the publishing world writing in many genres…mystery, romance, fantasy/paranormal, non-fiction, short stories, and so on. And we know that without you, our work would be out there crying alone in the literary wilderness.

We like giving away stuff!

To thank you for your loyalty, we created Booklover’s Bench, a place where readers are winners. Here, we publish a weekly blog (often with a prize drawing) where we’ll talk about everything from life to what we love doing to the price of tea (well, maybe not that).

We’ve added a new monthly Q&A column to entertain you and allow you to get to know us (and our book characters) better. But what sets us apart from many other author blogs is our monthly drawing in which one lucky reader can win a free book. And don’t forget our annual grand prize giveaway that includes lots of free books along with gift certificates, swag, and more! Plus, every so often we do Facebook events where—you guessed it—we hand out prizes.

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Interested in getting to know us individually? Simply click on our book covers in the “Our Books” column. Our photos and bios will pop up, along with our social media links and a link to our latest book. We don’t publish a newsletter for Booklover’s Bench, but you can sign up for our individual newsletters at our respective websites. (Even easier, registering for our monthly BLB giveaway will automatically subscribe you to all our newsletters.)

So, follow us on social media, get our newsletters, or just stop by the Bench often to learn about the next chance to win! Good luck!

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