Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

A Dreamy Book Release
By Maggie Toussaint

When a new book comes out, I always have a graduation sort-of feeling. There’s that swelling sense of pride and accomplishment, the feeling of try not to fall on your face when everyone’s watching, and then that oh-no what comes next moment of sheer panic.(Lucky for me, the what’s-next panic came earlier this summer when I signed a three-book contract so I already know what comes next.)

Dreamed It is my brand new release, so new it’s still squeaky clean. I’m just finishing up a Great Escapes Blog Tour, being thankful my online launch party hit high notes, gearing up for a local signing, and getting ready to trot this book out at Killer Nashville.

With Dreamed It being book 6 of my Dreamwalker Mystery Series, I had a lot of fan expectations, in addition to my own. Also, I didn’t want to keep killing off people in Baxley’s hometown because people might not want to go there… So the killer isn’t a local, nor is the victim. Instead a serial killer dumps a victim in Baxley’s hometown.

The reviews so far have been exciting and positive for this venture into a “ripped from the headlines” style of plot for this cozy series. Here are a few snips:

“One of the best books in the series”
“A tense outstanding whodunnit”
“An exciting puzzle of a paranormal mystery”
“A suspenseful page-turner”
“A wonderful series … that captivates from the get-go”
“This is one of my favorite series”
“The final countdown was hair-raising”

I’m offering one copy of Dreamed It (ebook or print) to people who comment about their suitcase pet peeves. The winner must have a US mailing address. The winner will be announced on August 29, 2019.