Let's Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

August 22, 2019

A Dreamy Book Release
By Maggie Toussaint

When a new book comes out, I always have a graduation sort-of feeling. There’s that swelling sense of pride and accomplishment, the feeling of try not to fall on your face when everyone’s watching, and then that oh-no what comes next moment of sheer panic.(Lucky for me, the what’s-next panic came earlier this summer when I signed a three-book contract so I already know what comes next.)

Dreamed It is my brand new release, so new it’s still squeaky clean. I’m just finishing up a Great Escapes Blog Tour, being thankful my online launch party hit high notes, gearing up for a local signing, and getting ready to trot this book out at Killer Nashville.

With Dreamed It being book 6 of my Dreamwalker Mystery Series, I had a lot of fan expectations, in addition to my own. Also, I didn’t want to keep killing off people in Baxley’s hometown because people might not want to go there… So the killer isn’t a local, nor is the victim. Instead a serial killer dumps a victim in Baxley’s hometown.

The reviews so far have been exciting and positive for this venture into a “ripped from the headlines” style of plot for this cozy series. Here are a few snips:

“One of the best books in the series”
“A tense outstanding whodunnit”
“An exciting puzzle of a paranormal mystery”
“A suspenseful page-turner”
“A wonderful series … that captivates from the get-go”
“This is one of my favorite series”
“The final countdown was hair-raising”

I’m offering one copy of Dreamed It (ebook or print) to people who comment about their suitcase pet peeves. The winner must have a US mailing address. The winner will be announced on August 29, 2019.

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29 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

  1. Getting ready to leave for a 3-week overseas trip, I wish suitcases had magical expansion buttons, weren’t so heavy even when empty, and didn’t come down the baggage chute last.

    1. Earlier this year I got a ultra-lightweight clam-shell type of bag -with an expandable middle- from Walmart of all places.There’s an extra zipper in the middle to accordion out more suitcase room. It’s a checkable bag, too big for carry-on but not ginormous. I can get 5 days of clothes 2 pr of shoes, toiletries, books to sell, promo materials, snacks, slippers, and still have some room. And in a blend of synchronicity, the bag was buy a known suitcase vendor, American Tourister. I’ve used it for several trips now and I love it. Take a look at it for sure!

    1. I’ve also noticed with the 4-wheel types that they require extra wrangling on escalators. Sheesh! And glad to see you this morning, Cheryl!

  2. Congrats on the new release…a fab book! I have my mom’s old luggage (a nice tapestry set) that I take when I drive (no way would I trust her beloved suitcases to the folks who load and unload the planes!). Unfortunately, hers was one of the original wheeled luggage sets, meaning that there’s a strap, not a handle, to pull it with, and the wheels are on the bottom of a traditional-style giant suitcase. So the darn thing is always tipping over when you haul it. 🙂

    1. Oh dear, Diane! That sounds so frustrating. I haven’t had a bag like that in a long time. Perhaps a seamstress could re-purpose the tapestry exterior into pillows, a purse, cosmetic bags, or a wall display for you? I’m sentimental about almost everything, but I need functionality on a trip!

  3. Why is it that the zippers only stick away from home? Also can’t they compromise? If it’s hard shell to be protective, then it’s HEAVY. If light then, there is no protection from when it’s tossed around.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. I share your frustration, Kay. I hate sticking zippers, on anything. For instance the zipper on my favorite hoodie is about to die. I have gone with a lighter hard shell case, and I put anything breakable, fragile, or precious in my carry-on bag.

  4. Speaking of Dreamed It, wow! Great book. I’ve loved the series and am sorry to see it end – especially because this book was so engaging. Sob…I’ll simply have to content myself thinking about luggage or something else until your new series begins. Congrats on Dreamed It! And congrats on the new series contract.

    1. Thanks Debra, and I have just the tonic you need. The very last Dreamwalker Mystery is coming out next year. It’s called All Done With It. See you soon at Killer Nashville!

  5. I just came back from a cruise! Why do we pack so much when we need so little? I need a bigger suitcase so I can put everything in one, but still be able to get it through the Security terminal.

    1. I hear you. Americans want fresh clothes everyday, but that’s not the case of some other cultures! In a compromise move, I try to take clothes that I can rise out in the sink and let them drip dry, or find a guest laundry facility on board and only bring a fraction of the clothes I would’ve otherwise packed. It isn’t the best solution, but it saves me from exploding suitcase syndrome when I get home.

  6. I cruise and travel a lot. Recently I went to NYC. For 10 days. And was able to pack and bring two carryon suitcases on. Very proud of myself!

  7. Best of luck on the new release, Maggie! As for suitcase peeves, Years ago my husband and I went on a 10-day Alaskan cruise. We bought a large hard-sided suitcase that would hold all of our clothes–one side for him, one for me. It cost us a bundle. A few years later the TSA came out with new regulations for checked baggage. That very expensive suitcase is now too big to check. 🙁

    1. Oh gosh! That would make me angry too. We’ve never had a ginormous case, but I found I didn’t like sharing a suitcase with anyone. I like to manage my clothes and not have to think about what he’s doing with clean or dirty clothes.

  8. I never seem to pack nicely to fit in everything..and when I try to add things I bought without coming home with damage and broken suveneirs .

    1. Packing is a challenge, isn’t it? I have discovered that I can wrap items in dirty clothes and if they are small enough, insert them in my shoes for travel. I try to use every space in the case!

  9. I always over pack. It’s not so much the clothes. I can rewear tops and rotate a couple pairs of pants. But it’s the other stuff that fills in the extra space. I love the Spinner cases with 4 wheels.

    1. I have trouble limiting the Other Stuff as well. I never know if I will need antibiotic cream or extra dental floss. All that little stuff you toss in at the last minute can really add up. I really like those Spinner cases too!

    1. I hate wrinkles as much as I hate ironing! I do my best to pack (and to buy) stuff that is impervious to wrinkles. People say that if you hang your clothes in the bathroom with the shower on, wrinkles will fall out. Not sure if this works, since I don’t have many wrinkles now with knits and permanent press fabrics. Good luck to you on your travels!

  10. Everything that packed in so nicely to leave never fits the same for the return trip. Plus all the souvenirs. I did a three week exchange trip to Germany in high school and it was so hard to pack necessities plus leave room for everything new I would buy. My purchase process was “How much room do I have left?” and “How do I make sure this won’t break?” I was luckier than my friend- get bag was randomly picked to be searched, so she had to repack all her stuff again at the gate.

    1. I feel your pain! I have a friend who does something unusual when she goes on vacation. She purposefully packs clothing that is not her best, nor her favorite. She buys what she likes, then she leaved whatever clothes won’t fit in the suitcase for the cleaning staff.

  11. Handsome drives me crazy when he packs for traveling. He puts his socks in a ziplock bag. And his ties. And his underwear. The bags make a crunchy sound. When he dresses (usually super early when I’m not up), I hear the crunch sound. I bought him packing cubes hoping this will help. LOL

    1. I have tried those packing cubes, Vicki. I like them for keeping outfits together while traveling. But I know what you’re talking about with the plastic. I once roomed with someone for a conference that packed everything in those plastic grocery sacks. She was also a very early riser and there was that cracking, crunchy sound of going through the bags that woke me up.

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