Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Pets in Mysteries by Maggie Toussaint

Even if you’re not a current dog or cat owner, it’s hard not to melt at photos or real-life meetups with fluffy kittens and roly-poly puppies. They have such zest and need to play and then an equally urgent need to sleep. One of my granddogs, as a pup, would stop in mid-step and take a nap wherever she was. She just couldn’t go one more step.

Readers usually hold pet lovers in high regard. They also love to read about the bond between a character and his/her pet.

Writers enjoy engaging readers on as many levels as they can. Cozy mystery writers have found having a dog or cat in a mystery is another way to excite a reader about a story. I enjoy reading and writing stories that have pets in them. My Dreamwalker sleuth, Baxley Powell has a menagerie of pets she takes care of: a Labrador retriever, a chihuahua, a terrier, a Manx cat, a tabby cat, and a ghost dog. Lindsey of the Lindsey & Ike Mysteries has a black lab. Cleopatra Jones has a St. Bernard. I’m writing a new series now, and my sleuth River Holloway has a black cat.

Do you have a pet? If so, share something about your pet. For fun, feel free to caption these cat photos taken by my friend Kit of her Bobo.

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