Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

Summer Blockbusters
by Nancy J. Cohen

Summer used to be the time for blockbuster movies. As June approached, you looked forward to some of your favorite franchises returning with long-awaited sequels. You’d buy tickets and watch the films in darkened, air-conditioned theaters while munching on popcorn or Sno-Caps.

The pandemic brought a halt to movie releases last season. Now they’re back, but I don’t know if I’m ready to sit in an enclosed theater with other patrons. I’m mostly looking forward to The Jungle Cruise based on the Disney ride and arriving on July 30th. But it runs only an hour and a half. That doesn’t seem worth the price of two tickets.

However, for a premium price, I can watch it at home on the Disney + Channel. The snacks would be a whole lot cheaper. And I could take bathroom breaks whenever I want while pausing the film.

Have we become so accustomed to viewing movies at home now? Or are you ready to venture out for the theater experience? It’s still more exciting to view a film at the cinema as it becomes an event you can share with family or friends.

What movies are on your list for this summer?