Let's Talk with Nancy J. Cohen

Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

July 29, 2021

Summer Blockbusters
by Nancy J. Cohen

Summer used to be the time for blockbuster movies. As June approached, you looked forward to some of your favorite franchises returning with long-awaited sequels. You’d buy tickets and watch the films in darkened, air-conditioned theaters while munching on popcorn or Sno-Caps.

The pandemic brought a halt to movie releases last season. Now they’re back, but I don’t know if I’m ready to sit in an enclosed theater with other patrons. I’m mostly looking forward to The Jungle Cruise based on the Disney ride and arriving on July 30th. But it runs only an hour and a half. That doesn’t seem worth the price of two tickets.

However, for a premium price, I can watch it at home on the Disney + Channel. The snacks would be a whole lot cheaper. And I could take bathroom breaks whenever I want while pausing the film.

Have we become so accustomed to viewing movies at home now? Or are you ready to venture out for the theater experience? It’s still more exciting to view a film at the cinema as it becomes an event you can share with family or friends.

What movies are on your list for this summer?

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20 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

  1. I love going to the luxury cinema at Cinepolis jupiter. They don’t allow anyone to sit next to me unless I buy seats together, and their food is superb. Movies are better on the huge theater screen, and I love their comfortable electric recliners.

  2. I did enjoy going to the movie theater in the past but I haven’t been yet since the theaters reopened (which has only been 2 months here). There are only a few titles playing, and nothing has interested me yet. I’d also like to see The Jungle Cruise, but will probably watch that on Disney+.

  3. I miss movies on the big screen, though there’s not much out now that I’d care to see (not a huge fan of super hero movies though “The Jungle Cruise” sounds like Indiana Jones-ish fun). Unfortunately, I think our nearby, big comfy multiplex with reclining seats and actual “drink” drinks from the bar closed down permanently as a result of the pandemic. So it will be a long haul to any theater in the future. For now, I have Netflix and HBO Max.

    1. I love the Dine-In Theaters. Going to the one at Disney Springs used to be a favorite event for a big seasonal blockbuster. It’ll be a while until I go back but at least it’s still around, unlike yours. That’s too bad it closed.

  4. The Jungle Cruise movie looks like fun. I haven’t been to a movie theater in a long time. It’s one of those out of sight, out of mind things for me. However, as a very small town kid, I remember being absolutely transported by any movies we got to see on the big screen. Before movies and books, I had no idea of just how much “world” was out there. Now, I prefer watching movies at homes for the reasons you mentioned above in your post.

    1. There would still be some movies I’d prefer on the big screen, namely ones like Harry Potter, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Those become an event at a theater.

  5. Funny, nothing is on my list. I’ve been more interested in what is streaming for comfort (snacks, pjs, and no strangers). It is only recently that I moved from eating outdoors to indoors and movie theaters hadn’t reached my go to list…..and the way things are where I am, I think they won’t for quite some time.

    1. I’d agree with you there. With the Delta variant, it’ll be a while. So sad, just when things seemed to be coming back. Streaming from home has its advantages, though.

  6. Except for taking my grandkids to Star Wars and a few other blockbusters they couldn’t wait to see, I pretty much gave up on movie theaters even before the pandemic hit. I found too often the other theater-goers were inconsiderate and often downright obnoxious. They’d keep looking at their phones, talking and making noise, and some even had a habit of kicking the back of my seat. And then there was how sticking everything was, from the armrests to the floors, even if you went to the first showing of the day. I decided it was more enjoyable to wait until I could view the movie at home. With what’s going on with the Delta variant, I think it will be a long time before I venture into a theater again.

    1. I’m not ready either, although I really want to see The Jungle Cruise. I’ll wait until it’s free on Disney+ which will likely be by the end of the year. But you’re right about all those factors. The loud noise and cell phones bother me the most.

  7. I only go to the movies maybe once or twice a year at most. The theater in the next town is small and only one screen so there’s lots of movies they can’t get because of studios only wanting to show their movie in bigger places. The next closest theater is over an hour away so not really worth it. If they get it I’d maybe see the new Space Jam movie. I saw the original as a kid and, while I don’t understand the movie industry’s need to remake/sequel everything from 20 years ago (are they out of original ideas or what?), I am curious to see how it is. Plus our tiny theater has the BEST popcorn, some people go just for that.

    1. I like small community theaters with good popcorn! I still remember going to the one in the town where I grew up. My boyfriend worked as an usher there.

  8. We have restricted capacity (currently 50%) so even “sold out” movies aren’t crowded. Nobody is sitting on either side/the row in front/the row behind you. I have a 65″ tv but I don’t have 3D or IMAX at home.

  9. I’m not much of a movie goer to expensive. Unless the movie is on TV I might watch it then. Would love to read and review book in print

    1. The noise level bothers me, too, but I tolerate it if it’s something I really want to see on the big screen. I haven’t gone since last March though.

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