Let’s Talk with James M Jackson

What’s Your Hobby?
by James M Jackson

jmj-20160612_0034aWhen asked that question in the presence of my better half, she’ll roll her eyes and say something like, “He has serial passions.” What she means is that I get interested (okay, really interested) in something, will stick with it for some time, and then gradually that interest fades and I pick up something else. Over the more than twenty years we have been together, we can agree on many examples including (alphabetically) backgammon, birding, bridge, golf, guitar (playing), photography, reading, recorder (playing), singing (choir and ensemble), song-writing. I’m sure there were some others.

I justify this character trait in several ways. I am curious, always love learning new things, so when something attracts my attention, I’d like to learn more. At some stage, however, to continue to improve at the activity will require a significant increase in effort. Sometimes I’m willing to make that effort (writing fiction is an example). Most times, the level of commitment required would convert what had been a hobby into a chore. Then I back away.

While other hobbies have waxed and waned over the years, I have always been and foresee myself always being a reader. What I read may vary from year-to-year, but as long as I can see and comprehend, I expect to be a reader.

What about you, what’s your enduring hobby?

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