Word search for The Secret Ingredient to Murder

May 20, 2024

Welcome to our second puzzle entry for the month of May! This is a word search for The Secret Ingredient to Murder by Terry Ambrose. Whether you’ve read the book or not, we’re sure you’ll have fun with this word search puzzle based on the story! (If you want to download the puzzle and play offline, click here for a PDF version.)

About The Secret Ingredient to Murder

The Secret Ingredient to Murder

In Seaside Cove, every truffle has a dark side.

The peaceful paradise of Seaside Cove gets a rude awakening when the home of newcomers Tyler Winkle and his spirited niece, Veronica Campbell, gets turned upside down. The only thing missing? The family’s secret chocolate recipe that Tyler kept in a safe.

When a man who wanted to buy the recipe is murdered, B&B owner Rick Atwood joins forces with the police once again. Rick quickly discovers two disturbing facts. First, the case is as hard to crack as a good truffle. Second, his thirteen-year-old daughter, Alex, has launched a shadow investigation.

Out of desperation to solve the case, Police Chief Adam Cunningham asks Alex to go undercover. But that’s not Rick’s worst fear. He’s also discovered that Veronica and Alex are bonding despite their age difference. Caught between his roles as a father and an investigator, Rick faces a tough decision: put a stop to Alex’s involvement or crack the case.

Available in Kindle and print versions here.

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3 thoughts on “Word search for The Secret Ingredient to Murder

  1. I love word search puzzles. I’m not much for crossword puzzles, but I have books of word searches. My grandmother liked word search as well as crossword puzzles.
    The description for THE SECRET INGREDIENT TO MURDER intrigues me. I’m especially interested in Alex, because young people aren’t usually part of an ‘adult’ mystery.

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