Birthday Presents in Reverse
By Terry Odell

It was my birthday last week – one of those milestone “ends in a zero” years. However, as is the case with every birthday, I’m only one day older than the day before, so I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the number. As far as celebrations go, we keep it low key. A nice dinner, but somewhere nearby because in the Colorado Rockies in February, one can’t count on good driving weather. This year it was something different – a six-course, beer-pairing dinner at a local brewery. (Want to see the menu? It’s here.) Hey, we might live out in the boonies, but we do have our local creature comforts!

Terry OdellOne thing I remember about birthdays as a child was wearing a party dress and posing in front of the birthday table for the annual photo. Another memory was the way my dad decorated the walls with balloons. I thought it was magic. He’d rub a balloon on his slacks, and it would stick to the wall! Back then, parties were simple. Friends came to your house, you had ice cream and cake, played pin the tail on the donkey, and opened the presents. It wasn’t until you hit your early teen years that you might celebrate at a bowling alley or going horseback riding. No event planners back in those days.

Deadly Bones by Terry OdellUsually, when you talk about birthdays, people think about presents, so I have one for you. First, a sneak listen to a snip from Deadly Bones, book 2 in my Mapleton Mystery series. The audiobook is in ACX’s hands while they run their own quality control checks, and there’s no exact release date set, so you’re getting an exclusive. Click here to listen.

Deadly Secrets by Terry Odell Next, I’ve got a free download of Deadly Secrets, Book 1 in my Mapleton Mystery series. You can find it here at Smashwords where you can download the format to fit your reading style. Use coupon code ZV43G at checkout. Coupon good through March 15th, so don’t wait.

Want to give me a birthday present? How about a review for any of my—or any of the Booklover’s Bench authors’—books? Those are the best gifts readers can give authors. Of course, buying a book means a lot, too. Doing both? Priceless.

So, what are some of your birthday memories? Good or not-so-good? Let us know in the comments.

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