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Authors on the Bench

Welcome to our fun-tastic Q&A bonus feature of our seven talented Booklover’s Bench authors


What mystery-based TV show(s) do you enjoy, and why?

Nancy J. Cohen: I love the Hallmark Movie & Mystery Channel because their cozy mysteries are the type I enjoy. These are mostly lighthearted and fun with a dash of romance. I also am a fan of The Brokenwood Mysteries on the Acorn Channel. This series, that takes place in New Zealand, has humor, clever whodunits to solve, and an engaging cast.

Debra H. Goldstein: I’m hooked on Perry Mason re-runs because I love the ensemble cast, the structure of the crime, characterizations, and resolution, and the crafty use of the law that Perry demonstrates.

Cheryl Hollon: As soon as possible, I always pre-order the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache books by Louise Penny. They’re emotionally complex, and the characters are three-dimensional and leap off the page. I also love the Vera Stanhope books by Ann Cleeves as well as the TV series. Further afield in New Zealand, I adore The Brokenwood Mysteries along with the Murder Road set in Australia’s outback. Other favorites are the Agatha Christie productions, Midsomer Murders in England, and the Murdock Mysteries set in Toronto.

Diane A.S. Stuckart: I enjoy the old classics like The Rockford Files and Columbo and, of course, Murder, She Wrote. More recently, I’ve watched the newer British mysteries, one of my favorites being Rosemary and Thyme (not only am I a long-time fan of Felicity Kendal, but I also desperately want the vintage Land Rover she drives in the series). I’ve just now started watching Broadchurch, an incredibly smart and atmospheric production.

Maggie Toussaint: I enjoy all the mystery-based TV shows, but my all-time favorite is Monk, the OCD retired detective in San Francisco. I thoroughly enjoy his character and flaws, and yet his intellect and memory surpass his challenges. For a while I took to framing my visual field with my hands a la Monk, not realizing I was doing it as I searched for keys or glasses, until my husband called me on it. The Adrian Monk character portrayed by Tony Shalhoub stands out as a giant in a crowded field.

Lois Winston: Any show where I can’t figure out whodunit. The problem with most TV mystery series is that they often follow a formula. Watch enough episodes, and the formula becomes evident. What keeps me watching is the character development and writing, especially when there’s great dialogue and chemistry between the lead characters. Some of my favorites over the years (in no particular order) have been Big Little Lies, Law & Order: SVU; Bones, Rizzoli and Isles, House (not a murder mystery but a medical mystery), Castle, Burn Notice, Forever, The Avengers, Moonlighting, and Instinct.

Terry Ambrose: I have two favorite mystery-based TV shows. Both are on the Hallmark Channel, and both are favorites. The first is The Gourmet Detective with Dylan Neal and Brooke Burns. The parallels to Castle were what drew me to this set of movies. Sadly, I think this one’s over. The second is Mystery 101 with Jill Wagner and Kristopher Polaha. Great character dynamics and I usually don’t see the ending coming.




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7 thoughts on “Authors on the Bench

  1. It’s hard to find a mystery I don’t like and my “favorite” depends on my mood. You’ve covered so many favorites here. Murder She Wrote, Monk, Columbo, and Psych are tv favorites I still watch reguarly. Hallmark has brought lot’s of my favorites into movie form including Hannah Swenson, Aurora Teagarden. I also love Bones, Castle, and NCIS and a little bit of nordic noir grit like Hinterland. And one of my favorite cozy paranormal mysteries never has a murder and isn’t billed as a mystery at all but has the structure and vibe of one without the body count, Good Witch.

  2. I’m a huge fan of British, Australian, New Zealand, and Scandinavian mysteries. We have both Acorn and Britbox. Tops on our list include Bosch, Goliath, Unforgotten, Line of Duty, and The Last Detective. We also enjoy dipping into the past for A Touch of Frost and others.

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