Let's Talk with Cheryl Hollon

Let’s Talk with Cheryl Hollon

May 20, 2021

It’s World Bee Day
By Cheryl Hollon

In 2014, the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association proposed the idea for World Bee Day. Instantly, a resolution was proposed to the United Nations for the project. All UN countries adopted it unanimously and 115 countries signed on as co-sponsors. The day was designed “to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators, the threats they face and their contribution to sustained development.

I’ve recently moved to another section of downtown St. Petersburg, FL overlooking bee hives. Yes, that’s right. There’s a secluded garden plot near me that has about fifteen hives that are carefully managed by a white-suited beekeeper.

The bees have access to the flowers nearby in Mirror Lake Park.

How are the bees faring in your part of the country this spring?

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17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Cheryl Hollon

  1. Not sure how the bees are doing in Birmingham, but having watched WandaVision recently, I’d question whether that beekeeper in the white suit is who you think he or she is.

    1. Hi Debra, I have a top-down view of him from our third floor. The beekeeper seems to stop by to do things several times a week. I don’t always catch the action, but love watching.

  2. My husband and I raise honey bees. Right now we have four hives by our pond. There are LOTS of beekeepers in Florida. FYI to any FL residents, there is a proposed “Save the Bees” specialty license plate for which you can put in a pre-order — they need 3K orders for it to bee official, and the extra $$ goes to one of the state university’s bee labs to further research. 🙂

    1. Hi Diane, I didn’t know that. I really enjoy watching the garden beekeeper go about his little chores. We occasionally find a bee taking a rest on one of our window sills. It’s lovely.

  3. A day to celebrate! We don’t have any hives, but we there are plenty of flowering shrubs and bushes nearby that the bees love. When we re-landscaped our backyard five years ago, we tried to put in bee and hummingbird friendly plants. It’s always fun to watch those little guys do their jobs!

    1. When we had our little Craftsman cottage, we had a butterfly friendly section. Lovely to watch from my writing window.

  4. I’m with Debra on this one, thanks to Wanda Vision and feeling like we’ve been living in an alternate reality for some time now! ;-D

    1. I have to say since I’ve been out peopling this week, I’d much rather be watching the bees.

  5. We don’t have many bees of any kind in my parts. I think it’s great there are 15 hives. So fascinating. I’m not into bee keeping but find it fascinating.

  6. We have beekeepers here in my tiny part of coastal Georgia. But about 10-15 years ago we were at a bad place with few beekeepers. Once the shortage was publicized, more people got into keeping bees. There is quite a demand for local honey as it is thought to help people with their local allergies.

  7. We seem to have a good few bees. My parents used to raise honeybees until my mom got stung once too often and had a pretty bad reaction. I do see more and more hives popping up around here.

    1. The fun part of this little urban garden is that there are chickens! They’re rambunctious and run around like the crazy birds they are.

  8. I researched honey production and bees for Easter Hair Hunt, my 16th Bad Hair Day mystery. And that’s as close as I care to get to them. The last time I got stung, my arm had redness and swelling and I needed three different medications. Then again, was it a honey bee, a wasp or a hornet? What’s the difference? And then there are bumblebees, too. Hey, good topic for you to write on another blog.

    1. I’m lucky — not allergic to stings so far. My sister, however, is extremely allergic and carries an EpiPen with her in case she gets stung.

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