Let's Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

February 8, 2018

Won’t you be my Valentine?
By Maggie Toussaint

Remember when your whole elementary school class exchanged Valentines? I savored each brightly colored card. I loved the red hearts, cartoon characters, and the sentiment of caring.

I also remember the agony of selecting which cards went to which people. It was important to give the ones you liked the best to the people you liked the best, and you had to be careful not to give a mushy card to a boy, unless you wanted to convey mushiness…Anything seemed possible on Valentine’s Day.

My Dreamwalker mystery sleuth isn’t lucky in love. In Dadgummit, Baxley Powell takes a much-needed vacation to the mountains. Her best friend falls in love on the trip, and Baxley attracts the interest of a powerful man.

Sam Mayes makes it clear he wants more than a friendship. He wants to be Baxley’s Valentine, only she has no closure on her missing husband’s alleged death. Her husband wouldn’t purposefully abandon his family, though it’s been two years since he disappeared and the Army declared him dead. Baxley searched the land of the dead, but he’s not there. Her conclusion? If he’s not dead, he must be alive. There’s nothing else.

Or is there? In Dadgummit, the Nunnéhi, a race of people from Cherokee folklore, take Baxley and her friends to their realm. Baxley has one of those awful you’re-not-in-Kansas-anymore moments when she realizes the universe of possibilities is staggering.

Will Baxley get a new Valentine … or will her new world-view change everything?

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12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

  1. You can’t mention Valentine’s Day without mentioning chocolate. The best day to shop for it is the day after, when all the novelty items go on sale. I’m a dark chocolate fan. You?

    1. I’m with you, Nancy, hunting those sales the day after. I prefer to spend Valentine’s Day itself at home, far from the madding crowd, dreaming of chocolate to come. Plus I can always count on my mom-in-law to make us a lovely card, and my husband to bring home something special. Like craft beer.

    2. Hi Nancy and Tina, I used to think dark chocolate aggravated my migraines, but it doesn’t seem to bother me now. It’s definitely a “thing” around here. Both of us like dark chocolate. I’d rather spend the evening quietly at home. I’m not much for a big display or flowers (allergic). Cards are our thing!

  2. I like that it’s a chance to appreciate my husband, a “happy I love you day.” Not that I don’t try to do that every day or make up random “Happy I Love You Days” but its a forced reminder (and no, I don’t necessarily buy into the Hallmark Holiday, but it is a reminder to hug your honey!)

  3. We’ve gotten very lax about celebrating anything specific, and since we also celebrate Groundhog Day (the day we got engaged), and my birthday later in the month, we’ve let Valentine’s Day slide. I do recall the year Hubster gave me an electronic tire pressure gauge but also flowers and chocolate. And honestly, men show their love by ‘protecting’ people they care about, so I understood where he was coming from with the tire gauge.

  4. We spend the evening together. This year it’ll be at home as we are prepping for a car track day over the week-end.

  5. Valentine’s Day is also my wife’s birthday, so we always do something special. Our favorite restaurant is called Shebang and it is located on Monkey Island (South of Miami, OK) 🙂

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