Let's Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

March 7, 2019

Making Your Own Luck

by Maggie Toussaint

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, shamrocks, leprechauns, and good luck come to mind. Along with the holiday there’s a magical sense implied with being Irish. We’ve all heard the phrase “the luck of the Irish” before, but what does it mean?

The phrase itself has the meaning “extreme good fortune,” but it didn’t originate in Ireland. Instead, it came from the American West during gold rush times. Many of the successful miners were of Irish or American Irish descent, and with fortunes in hand were thus considered lucky.

Granted there are people who seem to be born lucky, but the rest of us make their own luck. We do it by being prepared. Why else would we have a wad of napkins in our glove box, band-aids in our wallets, and a hidden key outside a locked door?

For instance, my houseplants don’t thrive when I forget to water or fertilize regularly. So I become a lucky gardener by doing things those things.

Writers make their own luck by creating the best story they can every time they sit down to write. They pay attention to market trends and what readers like.

When things go south in this industry, like a publisher closing its doors, a lucky writer decides how to move toward her goal and forges ahead.

Case in point, I’ve recently reissued three of my backlist titles in the Mossy Bog Romantic Suspense Series. These stories are basically cozy mysteries with an equally strong romance plot. So if you like cozies and aren’t put off by having romance in the mix, you’ll love this series of three.

For a chance to win a digital copy of book one in the series, Muddy Waters, which title best describes your mindset: Muddy Waters, Hot Water, or Rough Waters? Or, if you’re having the luck of the Irish today, make up your own Water title…

While you’re here, checkout our Book Giveaway contest that runs from March 1-18. All six of our authors have contributed a prize to the vault, print and digital books, and the winner gets to select the prize of his/her choice! Here’s the LINK.

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18 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

  1. I would have to say FROZEN WATERS would describe my mindset. I’m up in Dayton, Ohio where the temperature got down to 9 degrees. That’s a single digit number — pretty cruel for a Floridian. Taking care of multiple doctor visits and chores for elderly parents who are at least in stable health right now. I’m grateful to have the good luck that they’re still around at 91 and 92. Very grateful and so lucky.

    1. You are fortunate to still have your parents, Cheryl. I know they appreciate your kindness and helpfulness. Come back to Florida soon so that you can thaw out!

  2. Well, now I know why I have such bad luck. I don’t keep a wad of napkins in my glove box, band-aids in my wallet, or hide a key outside my locked doors. If I’d only known all these years it would be that simple to turn my luck around…;-D

    1. Amazing, isn’t it? Just a few precautions and you’re ready for almost anything.

  3. I’m in Hot Water as I just found out I’ll have to reissue my backlist sooner than expected. Even though I am somewhat prepared, this has thrown a kink into my schedule. So yes, one can try to be prepared until a surprise catches you. Then you have to swim with the current to keep your head above water.

    1. That Hot Water will cool off soon enough and you’ll be able to move forward. My only advice is not to rush anything. Swim with the current, as you suggested!

    1. Bless you for being so strong in math and helping people with their taxes. April 15 will be here soon!

  4. My waters are unpredictable. I’m trying to get ready for a major trip, and have been working on getting my next Blackthorne book out in digital (smooth sailing); in print (moderately choppy), proof-listen to my next audio release (dependent on the narrator); and then make sure I have everything I’ll need for the trip.

  5. Ugh, the waters are a bit ROUGH right now — I sure could use a big pile of clover to roll around in for luck. 🙂 But you’re absolutely right that we do, for the most part, make our own luck.

  6. I want to say Lazy Waters, but I had to earn the right to be lazy this afternoon. It’s been a day full of running errands and cleaning house, to include giving our two dogs baths. By the way, when I met you in Atlanta (through Sasscer Hill), I didn’t realize you had a Muddy Waters title! That’s the title of my first mystery that came out in October.

    1. Hi Candace, How nice that we have a Muddy Waters connection! It doesn’t sound to me like you’re the least bit lazy, more like enjoying some well-earned R&R. Thanks for visiting Booklover’s Bench!

  7. Juggling Waters, Rushing Waters, or perhaps simply Happy Waters because there are a lot of balls in the air this weekend and month with traveling, obligations to prioritize and meet, but most important family arriving to enjoy – especially during the baby shower for my youngest daughter’s first (even more exciting than seeing my first book cover, I’m sure).

    1. Congratulations, Debra! You must be beaming at the news! And if there’s anyone who’s naturally talented for Juggling everything, that would be You. Keep up the great juggling work.

  8. My winner is Colleen C. I hope you’re having fewer Rough Waters this week and will enjoy reading the digital version of Muddy Waters!

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