Let’s Talk with Karla Brandenburg

Snow Days

by Karla Brandenburg

I live in the Midwest, up around Chicago. While I’m generally a warm weather person, I have to say I like the changing of the seasons. Without the bad, you can’t appreciate the good, right? We can’t have those perfect 75 degree summer days all the time. The 90 degree summer days with 100 percent humidity are balanced by the winter days where it’s 10 degrees with a foot of snow. Those are the days that make a sunny, 75 degree day perfect.

Right now, in the middle of winter, we are receiving the gift of snow. Snow, when it is falling, is one of the most beautiful things in the world to my way of thinking. It sneaks in silently, when you aren’t paying attention. It mutes everything, creating an atmosphere of peace. It covers the world with a blanket of white, unblemished. A blank canvas. There’s a joke about the first significant snowfall each year where people say “it’s like they’ve never seen snow before.” You know what? That’s true. I get out my camera every time to capture the magic, like I’ve never seen a snowstorm before. (I have lots of “snow” pictures.) I will say that for those years where we get lots of snow, it does get old. The driving in it part, especially. A reminder of the downside.

When I was a kid, I loved to go out in the fresh snow. Catch snowflakes on my tongue. Just “be.” There’s something so magical about a shower of flakes falling on and around you, each one a different shape than the next, ice crystals sparkling in the sunshine, or the moonglow. My friends and I would dig out snow forts, go ice skating or sledding or tobogganing, and have snowball fights. And when the cold seeps in and it’s time to come inside, I’d grab a cup of hot cocoa (maybe with a shot of Baileys these days) to warm up, wrap myself in a blanket, and grab a good book to perpetuate the magic.

Some things never change.

Do you get snow where you live? Are you a snow warrior or a snow wimp?

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