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Happy Birthday! by Karla Brandenburg

What? It isn’t your birthday? Well, mine is this week, and with it comes the dilemma of “what do you want for your birthday?”

As I get older, there are fewer things that I haven’t already bought/will buy for myself, so when someone asks me that question, I have to think long and hard. I do have a list of books that I want, and will often direct my family in that direction. This year, I can fall back on “clothes,” since I’ve adopted a healthier way of eating and suddenly my clothes don’t fit. As an author, another thing I tell people is to buy or recommend my books. One of the greatest gifts an author can get is a new reader. The single most important gift to me? The company of the people I love most. This picture is from one of my “milestone” birthdays.

What about you? What kinds of things do you ask for on your birthday? Are you a collector? Do you have more porcelain cats than you’d care to admit? My mother had a printer’s drawer mounted on the wall filled with tiny little mementos, but we weren’t allowed to buy her those mementos. They were things she’d collected along the way.

Because I’m celebrating, let me give YOU a present. Leave a comment below and I will choose one person at random to receive my brand-spanking new release, The Selkie, the fifth in the Epitaph series (each book stands on its own).



  1. I would love an Amazon gift card for my birthday, but otherwise, there really isn’t anything I need.

  2. I think I’m part crow. Not the American Indian, the little bird that is attracted to shiny objects. I like gadgets and bright colors and cozy fleece. I always have a list if people ask, but usually my family is not at a loss for a gift to me. I’m thrilled with colorful fleece socks!

  3. We gave up exchanging gifts a good number of years ago. A card (often digital), a phone call–anything to say “I didn’t forget” is plenty. Hubster and I usually have a big splurge, like a trip, and we count it as a combined gift for all annual occasions.

    • Yes, DH buys me a card and he’s been finding a tiny little bag of Lindor Balls (since I’m watching what I’m eating!)

  4. Theresa Rinko says

    I don’t really ask for much on my birthday! Just spending time with others is fun in itself and maybe going for coffee and cake!

  5. I generally let people feed my reading habit either with books they think I might like (usually nonfiction) or gift cards to Amazon. One year many moons ago, I tried getting people to donate to their favorite charity instead of giving me anything. The family rebelled and consumerism has reigned since.