Behind the Scenes with Terry Odell

Terry Odell A once in a lifetime vacation. Sometimes you luck into that trip of a lifetime. I used to work for an international scientific organization that held biennial meetings all over the world. It was a part time, out-of-my-house job, which suited me just fine. However, as the organization grew, dealing with the tasks […]

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Behind the Scenes with Maggie Toussaint

Maggie Toussaint Research: The interview that wasn’t In the course of writing fiction, I’ve interviewed policemen, firemen, arson investigators, fishermen, boat captains, boat mechanics, shooting instructors, poison ladies, florists, newspaper editors, artists, accountants, the Coast Guard, and more. I’ve bought books on each of these subjects and other crime-related topics. But . . . there […]

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Saving Scott by Terry Odell

Saving Scott

Read an excerpt from Saving Scott, book 3 in Terry Odell’s Pine Hills Police romantic suspense series. Readers of the book also can enjoy the collection of recipes featured in the book.   Scott slapped at the alarm, grimacing as his sore shoulder protested the sudden motion. He lay there, panting, filmed in sweat, waiting […]

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Death Island Style by Maggie Toussaint

Death, Island Style

Death, Island Style by Maggie Toussaint If you love reading about the seashore, this is a fun cozy about a woman who rediscovers who she is. A stand-alone novel, Death, Island Style features a Christmas shop owner as a sleuth and her sidekick is the cool pharmacist next door. Praise for Death, Island Style “An […]

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Hot Water

Hot Water (Mossy Bog series #2) by Maggie Toussaint Laurie Ann bypassed the elevator and hit the stairs. North’s room was on the second floor. He didn’t answer her first knock, so she knocked harder. With each second that ticked by, her nerves pinged. Was he even in his room? Had she lost track of […]

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