Death a Sketch by Cheryl Hollon

For November, our featured jigsaw puzzle is the cover of Death a Sketch by Cheryl Hollon. We hope you enjoyed last month’s puzzle and would love to hear what you think of this feature. Feel free to share links and copies with your friends. The jigsaw puzzle has a timer that will show how long […]

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Black Pearl

Calisthenics for Characters

Recently, I came across a question from a new writer who asked, “Is it okay to use a real person to create a character?” That’s a tricky question because writers get their ideas from so many areas. A vacation we take might stir a potential setting. A newspaper article may influence a plot. But basing a character on a real person, especially if the person isn’t a public figure, can be detrimental to an author’s career. Lawsuits have been filed (and won) when a person recognizes themselves in a book. […]

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