Let's Talk with Cheryl Hollon

Let’s Talk With Cheryl Hollon

February 11, 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day!
By Cheryl Hollon

I’ve been receiving amazing Valentine’s Day gifts almost my whole life. Partly because my husband and I met on a blind date when I was only sixteen. Even then, he knew the secret to my heart and remembered the lesson every year.

I love chocolate – a lot! Last year he brought me this fabulous stiletto made of pure dark chocolate from the shop down the street. It wasn’t bitter. It was surprisingly rich but lovely and smooth.

This hand-crafted box of chocolates was made out of chocolate. Tucked inside was a mixture of creams, nuts, caramels, and even chocolate covered pretzels. Like the movie, I didn’t know what I was going to get, but I was positively sure it would be delicious.

The best offering so far was a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries along with a bottle of champagne upon boarding a cruise ship for a week. Heaven!

I can’t wait to see what he’ll get me this year. What is your favorite Valentine?

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12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk With Cheryl Hollon

  1. I have to say, that chocolate stiletto is pretty awesome! I’m not big on Valentine’s Day, mostly because back in grade school it was one of those cringe-worthy experiences rivaled only by being picked last during PE. But I love dark chocolate, and any chocolate offerings are accepted no matter the day. 🙂

    1. The stiletto was amazing — that perfect dark chocolate that’s not too sweet and not too bitter. Heaven!

  2. If I had a chocolate shop right down the street, I might be bigger than a house! I love chocolate. My fav used to be milk chocolate but now I’ve turned to the dark side, LOL!

    1. Welcome to the dark side, Maggie. We have a Schakolad Chocolate Factory just a few blocks away. They also serve a deadly Cafe Mocha. We just walk more to handle it.

  3. I’m single so not sure what I will get for Valentine’s Day but loved the dark chocolate Stiletto heel, the cookie and Champagne would make a great Valentine gift. What ever gift I get I’m sure it will be great. Love chocolate. Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate are my favorite chocolates.

    1. I was so delighted to learn a few years ago that dark chocolate is heart healthy. Great excuse for more chocolate!

  4. Fortunately, I don’t have cravings for chocolate. And these days when we are watching our blood sugar levels, candy gifts are usually off the table. Coffee, tea and wine work just as well or we’ll have a special take-out meal.

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