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Hurricane Season

June 1, 2023

June First is the start of Hurricane Season in Florida. TV stations tout “Be Prepared, Not Scared” for their Hurricane Preparedness segments. Grocery stores like Publix offer brochures with hurricane checklists and preparation tips. It’s about this time that I repost my own list of things to do when a hurricane approaches. We’ve been through this scenario many times but each season, it’s still stressful.

The storms roll toward us in earnest beginning in August or September, so there’s plenty of time to get non-perishable foods in stock, check battery supplies, and start eating down the foods in the freezer in case of a power loss.

Keeping my Kindle charged is a big item on my list. When the power goes out, I can read in the dark on my e-reader. I make sure all our devices are charged when a storm approaches. We also have solar or crank-powered radios.

We fill our gas tanks because we can always drive around the block to recharge our phones when there’s a power loss, plus the pumps might not be working then. And I must remember to back up my files to the cloud and to a thumb drive.

These steps remind me of the advice I offer unpublished authors. Prepare now. Don’t wait until you sell a book, or you’ll be slammed with things to do. Get a website or blog. Become active on social media. Establish a presence online. You’re already a writer because you write. Act like a professional if you want to be perceived that way when you submit to editors or agents.

Summer is coming. This may mean beaches, barbecues, and beach reads for most, but for us in the hurricane zone, it also means Beware.

What kind of books do you like to read during the summer or to escape from storm stress? Leave a comment and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of TRIMMED TO DEATH. (US mailing address only) Reviews, especially on Amazon, would be greatly appreciated.

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39 thoughts on “Hurricane Season

  1. Having never lived in a place that’s subject to hurricanes, I hadn’t thought of all the things that would need to be done in preparation for them, so I appreciate reading about this and being reminded of the issues that others face on a regular basis when they live in places that suffer frequent hurricanes, like Florida. I also appreciate the reminder to be prepared in advance, regardless of the scenario – I liked the correlation with becoming a professional author. I will definitely be more mindful of where in my life I can prepare in advance of different events.

    1. It’s always good to have emergency supplies on hand, such as batteries, lanterns, non-perishable foods, manual can openers and such. By the time you realize you’ll need them, it’s too late to go shopping.

  2. We just went through Hurricane Ian, we were right in the thick of it. We have a generator so even though the power and internet was out for 15 days we had tv and didn’t have to worry about the food in the frig. Most of the damage to our house has been repaired. There are still so many houses that have the blue tarps on their roofs. A lot of small businesses either moved or decided not to reopen.

    I like to read books that will take me away from my troubles with some fun, unique characters and a great mystery that I like to try to solve even though I’m usually wrong.

    1. Sorry you had damage from Ian. We lost our patio screens twice from hurricanes. I hate the power outage the most. You’re lucky to have a generator to keep a few things going.

  3. I also make sure my Kindle is fully charged. Then, I make sure my line-up of books is loaded and ready to go without the internet. I test this by putting the Kindle in Airplane Mode and then bringing up a book to see if I can read it. I know that sounds like a lot of trouble — but not having access to books during the long wait for power to come back on is not an option. Stay safe.

    1. I keep my Kindle in airplane mode all the time to save power. I only turn it off when I need to sync and download new books. I’ve enough books loaded onto the device to last me quite some time.

  4. Good morning from Crazy California,
    We don’t have hurricanes, but we have Earthquakes and other things that make California “unstable”.
    We have a HALO Bolt Ultimate Jump Starter, Air Compressor with AC Outlet, which we keep in the car, but it can charge phones, has a strong flashlight, air compressor and many little ports to do extra things. We can’t be happier with this great little item. My husband works for the Cruise terminal, and has charged MANY peoples car batteries with it. I have used my (and he has too) for a low tire.

    We have a large generator as well. Please take care and you Floridians are in my prayers!

    1. California has earthquakes, fires, and mudslides. I’d rather take our chances with hurricanes. Usually, but not always, we have plenty of warning although landfall never seems to be accurately predicted. You keep safe too!

  5. Never lived in a place with hurricanes. Their amazing to see and it’s especially amazing to see the damage they can create. My prayers are with everyone who has to go through them.

    1. Hopefully we’ll have a calm season this year. It’s scary to see the big orange blob on TV when a hurricane is approaching. People need to evacuate when they’re advised to do so.

  6. No hurricanes here in California, but we still get the occasional blackout when the heat rises in the summer and the electrical grid is being taxed. Fortunately, we don’t really get extended outages, but flashlights, games, and patience always help.

    1. California has other disasters. We have stocked up on batteries, lanterns, and such. I’ll still rush out when there’s a hurricane watch for water, snacks, etc. The shelves empty fast when a storm is coming.

  7. We live in Texas two hours from the Gulf of Mexico so hurricane season, which starts today, is always a sign to get ready for the consequences of a hurricane hitting Houston & spawning tornadoes and heavy winds and rain in our area. That’s not the worst of it though. The people evacuating the coast by coming to our little town pose a greater threat than the hurricane. We prepare for the onslaught of evacuees by stocking up on groceries so we don’t have to leave the house for several days while the evacuees flood the stores, often stealing what they need and carjacking anyone driving on the streets. Law enforcement adds extra officers to patrol the streets.

    1. Texas does get a lot of hits from storms. I never thought about having an influx of evacuees that way. When we lived in Plantation, I located all the hotels with generators and booked a room in case our power went out. I knew the rooms would get filled fast. It must be scary when your town has to be so wary about security.

  8. I always round up my flashlight collection at the start of hurricane season. They seem to escape the flashlight cabinet and end up all over the house. Need batteries, bottled water, a few days of non-perishable food, and always check the propane for the inline generator. I read the same type of books year-round, but I love many genres: mystery, fantasy, romance, science-fiction, and paranormal books.

    1. Our flashlights end up all over the house, too. When a storm is coming, I place supplies all in one place so I can quickly find them. And each end of the house gets a lantern. Also need to charge up all the electronics and solar powered devices.

  9. Hi, I have never lived in a place that has hurricanes, but one year I went to Puerto Rico and there was a hurricane lurking around. My husband and I along with our then 2 very young children went on vacation to Mazatlan, and well, we were in the middle of Hurricane Tico, it was pretty scary , needless to say, we cut our vacation short. Have a great weekend.

  10. No changes in my reading. I lived in Houston up until a year ago and we survived Ike and Harvey just fine. We usually had what was needed on hand. I do remember filling the bathtub with water before Ike just in case.

  11. I know what you mean about hurricane preparation. I live in the Florida panhandle so it is always a concern for me as well. As for books, I enjoy cozy mysteries with a summer theme. In July, I do some Christmas in July so I will read Christmas themed books.

  12. I’ve never lived in area, tornados are our main concern and there’s really not much to do to prepare. I don’t read any particular type of book based on season. I’ll just grab whatever I want next out of my pile. I used to try to re-read a series before the newest book came out but I’ve got such a TBR to read the first time through lately that I haven’t been.

  13. Tornadoes are scarier as there’s very little warning. Regarding re-reading a series, like you I have too many new books to read but I keep my favorites so I could go back to them someday.

  14. I usually read cozy mysteries, so that’s what I would be reading. I just have to be sure to have several downloaded in case of loss of power. Last hurricane, we were without power for a week.

    1. A week is a long time. I couldn’t bear it without a/c in 90-degree weather. We’ve plenty of print books around to read if the Kindle runs out of juice and can’t be recharged.

  15. I enjoy reading cozy mysteries or romantic suspense. Thank you so much for sharing. Please stay safe. God bless you.

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