Let’s Talk with James M Jackson

September 22, 2016

By James M Jackson

coastie momLater this month I’ll be helping my 92-year-old mother move from the area she’s lived in since age twelve with the exception of years she earned her college degree, one year teaching before my parents were married, and three or four years while my father was earning his masters and PhD at out-of-state universities. That’s well over seventy years living in the same general area.

Since the birth of her first child (that would be me), she has resided in only five physical locations: an apartment; their first house for six years, which they sold when Dad took us to Virginia for his PhD; the house we kids consider home, which they owned for 35 or so years; a condo they moved to and stayed in for ten years; and the independent living facility Mom has called home for the last ten years.

James JacksonI, on the other hand, have bounced from place to place. At my 45th high school class reunion, I won the prize for living in the most cities/towns since graduating from high school. The longest I stayed in any one place was the almost ten years I resided in our Cincinnati Victorian. Technically, I’ve been a resident of my Upper Peninsula of Michigan homestead for nearly fifteen years, but since I escape for the winter each year, I’m not sure that counts (and during those fifteen years, I’ve had three different winter residences).

Part of me envies school buddies who have lived in the same area all their lives and are still close friends with kids who were in their kindergarten class. But I’m not that person. Nor am I like an acquaintance who gets antsy if they’ve been in the same place for three years and has to move or at least do a major renovation.

How about you?

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12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with James M Jackson

  1. We’ve been in our current house since 1980 and I plan to remain here as long as I can. I like having roots and the amenities around us. We are close to shopping and restaurants, essentials in my book. I’m comfortable with my dentist and doctors and would hate to start all over in that regard. Plus, I have my circle of friends and critique group. When the time comes, it will be highly stressful to move. I like staying in one place.

  2. I grew up in the same house for 19 years until I moved into my first apartment. My folks lived in that house for 60 years until they moved to an indepenednt living center. After I got married, I moved to another apartment until I bought my first house, where I remained after a divorce and until I remarried and moved to my current home–all within 20 miles of each other. As I look forward to retirement, I’m thinking of breaking that mold and moving thousands of miles away (to a warm state!)

    1. I know people who in their thirties and forties swore they would never move south. By their sixties and seventies they have had their fill of winter. I still like a touch of white and cold. Then I bail.

  3. I hate moving! When we relocated from Florida, I vowed that our next move would be toes up. Travel is fine, but all the sorting, packing, unpacking … not my idea of fun.

    1. Jan has made a similar vow — but she broke it once. However, I’m quite content with our two places (well, at least for now).

  4. I am a one-place kind of gal who now splits her time between two places, kind of like you, except that my places are within an hour of each other and neither gets snow. But I know my two places very well, and that’s make my home-sweet-home heart very happy.

    1. You’re suggesting there’s a difference between being one hour apart and 22 hours? LOL I do like my summers better up north, no doubt about that.

  5. Moved around a lot during my childhood and my marriage. My son wants me to move from Austin to Arizona. The thought of packing and moving makes me get nauseous.

  6. I moved many times in California, but the biggest move was to Atlanta, GA and Greenville, SC. Now we are hoping to move to the Beaufort! I think of it as another adventure!

  7. I’m a homebody, but I’ve moved a few times. Some moves were to up-size or down-size to fit the needs of our family, but the most wonderful move of all was moving back to my hometown ten years ago. Thanks to the internet, I now have friends across the country (and some international friends), so a move is no longer such a heartfelt loss. I love staying in touch with my friends in other places just as much as I love my salt marsh view.

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