Let's Talk with Nancy J. Cohen

Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

September 15, 2016

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
by Nancy J. Cohen

Let’s get something straight right away. This title is mine. It would be a good one for my Bad Hair Day mystery series. But we’re going to talk about hair salons today.



The place where I go has been through a recent upheaval. The owners suddenly announced they were closing the place, and the staff scrambled to interview for other positions. At the last minute, and after several nail techs and stylists had already left the sinking ship, another owner swept in to take over. He wanted to keep the same staff during the makeover of the place into another franchise of his popular hairdressing empire. Once permits are granted, remodeling will start to turn the décor into a modernistic salon complete with a wine bar.

Tipsy1     Tipsy2

Now I like this idea, depending on how much a glass will cost, although I’m not giving up coffee for my morning appointments. And I like the idea of updating the interior. I may not care as much for the pedicure stations out in the open instead of segregated into a quiet side room. But I’m as excited as the staff to experience the changes and am curious to see how the demographic might shift. I just hope I won’t miss the cozier ambiance of a “traditional” salon.

Time will tell how customers like the changes. For me, it’s more important I follow my stylist wherever she goes, and for now that is at the same location with the new franchise name.

Hair RaiserNow apply this to a writing career. New book covers can give a fresh look to a series. In many cases, an update is a positive change. Everything needs a new coat of gloss now and then to weather time, whether it’s your interior material or the outer cover.

Describe the salon where you get your hair done. Do they serve anything other than coffee and cake or bagels? Would you want to frequent a salon with a wine bar or other enticement? Like, how about a mimosa to go with your pedicure? Think of the gift card ideas! Or do you prefer the status quo?

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12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

  1. The same thing happened to me, except they did close the salon. After they closed the traditional salon, my stylist went to one of these salon studios where the stylist essentially rents office space for their chairs and basins. Its like their very own salon, tucked into a place with dozens of other salons. I’m not much of a nail person, but when I do go, my girlfriends and I generally make it an outing and we bring our own wine.

  2. Where I live there is one salon in town. Two nail techs, 4 stylists. 2 pedicure chairs in a quiet back room, and one other room for things like massages or eyelashes or other services. It’s all ‘rent your own space’ so there’s some turnover, usually with new people who aren’t getting the clientele they expected. We’re a small town, and there aren’t that many people, although some of the cowboys come in for pedicures. I’ve had 2 stylists leave the area–way too far to follow–but so far, they’re recommended another in the shop, and I’ve been satisfied. I brought my color formula with me from my stylist in Florida, and I’m satisfied with what the new one is doing.

    They offer coffee, tea, wine and sometimes treats. No charge for any of it.

  3. I would be all over a wine bar. Maybe literally. But since I’ve let my hair go au naturel, I spend much less time in the salon chair, so…maybe I’ll just go to the wine bar.

  4. We had a situation where our stylist moved to Texas we were up a creek. Well I found another I went to the place many years ago for another stylist who was always on the phone so i stopped. Now we have one at the same place who is soooo slow 3 hrs is 2 pedis and a trim on my hair i am wiped out when we leave. So good thing the lady who has been doing my moms hair has been doing it for 15 years i don’t care to go as she cuts it her way which is the same way and she is used to doing people with one foot in the grave so i go somewhere else! It is just not easy to leave when the stylist left the first one i thought well the owner could do she was so busy with phones and people coming in to work on the building she forgot about me . So that is how hard it is to find a good person in ia! Love your print books Nancy that is what gets me thru.

    1. Thanks, Peggy. I’m lucky in that my stylist is fast with the blow-dryer. I’ve been to others who section off each little strand of hair and it takes forever. So I’ll follow my gal anywhere. I’d agree it would be annoying to have a hairdresser who is always interrupting her work to take phone calls.

  5. I have been to fancy salons that served beverages – a long time ago, in another city where I lived. My current salon serves only sassiness. Occasionally, it’s doused with political hot sauce, but I try to steer the conversation to milder topics for the sake of my haircut. I value my stylist a lot. She moved salons a few years back, and I went with her.

  6. I’ve gone to the same guy forever. His name is Larry & he used to own a salon in Jericho (Long Island) NY. He knows EVERYTHING about hair & he likes me… Cheap, he ain’t (lol) but I have a “Farrah” that “everyone” loves to C-U-T into a “smart” short style & Larry doesn’t. I trust him. The salon, Classic Salon in Peppertree Plaza, is old, dingy and the median age of the customers is death. But I go a couple times a year with no problems, love my shampoo guy & my haircut? Priceless!!!!!

    1. It’s worth following a stylist you love. I shudder at the memory of one haircut I tried in the early days. Short hair does not look good on me. So it’s terrific that Larry favors your wishes and is someone you can trust to make you look good.

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