Let’s Talk with Karla Brandenburg

October 15, 2015

Fortune Telling or Developing Imagination?

By Karla Brandenburg

HeadshotOne of my fellow authors here at Booklover’s Bench, Tina Whittle, is a mystery writer, sometimes editor, and semi-professional tarot reader living and working in the Low Country of southeast Georgia. In addition to her regular blog posts, she hosts a site called Tarot by Tina. The insights she offers from her deck of cards often relate to her writing, and for myself, as an author of fringe paranormal stories, I find Tarot cards interesting in that fate can hinge on the turn of a card for some people (that’s my imagination brewing more than anything else). Tina flips over cards on her Tarot site and applies them to writing.

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While I was finishing my upcoming release, Rising Mist, I had a chat with my editor about some missing pieces to my story. Her response? “Let me get out my Tarot for Authors book.” The actual title is “The Writer’s Brainstorming Kit” and the description cites that it “is all about giving you the tools to jump the ruts and take flight in new, unexpected directions.” The book comes with a deck of fifty cards that give you options. Like Tarot, you “pick a card, any card.” Magic? We won’t go into the truth or fiction of the concept, but rather the reality that whether it’s real or not, it opens your mind to think in a different direction.

During my brainstorming session with the editor, I was trying to round out some of my characterizations. She asked me to “pick a card.” Like one of those paper fortune-tellers I made in grade school where you pick colors and numbers and lift the flaps, she read me what was under each “flap,” resulting in questions to make me think more about what my characters were missing. (It was very helpful!)

It doesn’t require “magic” to write a story, but sometimes the concepts applied to fortune telling work in much the same way. It isn’t necessarily what the fortune teller is “reading,” but more the way you apply it. Something for you to think about.

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  1. Thank you for the shout out, for me and for tarot. It’s one of the best tools in my writerly toolbox. I’m delighted to see that it was helpful for you too!

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