Let's Talk with Nancy J. Cohen

Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

February 16, 2017

Creating Romance
Nancy J. Cohen

pubpinkValentine’s Day has always been special to me. It’s the day my husband and I got engaged. We’re still married forty years later. In my younger days, I enjoyed the card exchanges in elementary school. Red happens to be my favorite color second only to turquoise. I like the candy hearts with the sayings on them that you can buy this time of year. It’s a happy holiday, especially if you have a significant other. But even if not, you can celebrate with friends and family members. Or you can bring more romance into your own life. Here are some suggestions:

Read a romance novel.
Light candles around your house, in the bathroom, and at the dinner table.
Play your favorite mood music.
Dine out at a fine restaurant.
Pretend you’re a tourist and explore new places in your community.
Get away for the weekend.
Spend a day at the beach or lake.
Stroll through a park or botanical garden.
Stay at a bed & breakfast inn.
Attend a local fair or festival.
Buy yourself a sexy outfit.
Soak in a leisurely bubble bath.
Get a massage.
Pamper yourself at a day spa.
Have your hair cut and styled.
Get a manicure and pedicure.
Watch a romantic comedy on the Hallmark Channel or go see a romantic movie.
Indulge in chocolate.
Call an old friend or a relative you haven’t heard from in a while.
Use Aromatherapy via incense, candles, and scented oils.
Wear your favorite perfume or cologne.
Try something you’ve never done before that requires a spirit of adventure.
Take a class in a totally new subject.
Eat fondue with a friend.
Go out for drinks and appetizers.
Meet a friend for coffee and give her a little gift in appreciation of your friendship.

ShearMurderRomance brings us riches of the senses. If you live more in the moment, determined to enjoy whatever sensual adventures come your way, you’ll experience the joy of romance.

What would you add to this list? Leave a comment below and be entered into a drawing for a Kindle copy of Shear Murder, a wedding mystery featuring hairstylist Marla Shore.

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23 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

  1. Great ideas, Nancy. And I’d include take a road trip. My DH and I always tease that we’re “adventuring” when we take a long drive.

  2. That’s quite a list, Nancy. And sometimes expressing love is subtle. One year, Hubster gave me the “requisite” flowers and chocolate, but he also added an electronic tire pressure gauge. Not a romantic give on first glance, but to a lot of men, they show their love by protecting their loved ones, and he wanted me to be safe. He also makes sure my windshield washer fluid is always filled. We can talk about the Swiss Army knife another time.

  3. I found romance on a paddleboat tour of the Ohio river.
    I’d also say any other place where people are more or less restricted in movement but encouraged or welcome to socialize, like an open train ride, a museum, or a concert.

  4. This June will be our 49th anniversary. Look to the past for good memories, but don’t get caught up in regretting the passing of time. We are still making new, wonderful memories. And don’t neglect your friendships. I am having lunch today with a friend I met on the first day on the job 36 years ago. We’re both retired now and that means more time for lunch!

  5. I love going to plays (and I’m lucky to live in a town with an active and vibrant theater community). The murmurs of the audience and the dropped lights and the expectation. A Shakespeare comedy may be perfect for a romantic date, but I truly love the dark gritty works. And musicals, I gotta admit. We’ve got tickets to Chicago in a few weeks — combining romance and crime and good songs all in one. Well, romance of a sort.

  6. What a great list, Nancy! I think you have covered almost everything that I could think of that’s romantic. Except ,,, for maybe three things. Let someone else pick out an outfit for you. Sometimes our “style” gets stale and we take less pride in our appearance. By trying a new style of clothes, you may feel better about yourself, i.e., fall in love with yourself. New makeup is a romantic indulgence in my mind, as is any trip to Victoria Secrets, for whatever reason.

  7. I love to drive through the country with my husband of 32 years, and listen to our favorite songs from the 70’s. So much fun!

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