Let’s Talk with Terry Odell

January 28, 2016

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Terry’s In Hot Water
by Terry Odell

In Hot Water by Terry Odell

My new release, In Hot Water, is the first book in a new romantic suspense series, the Triple-D Ranch. Branching out can be scary for an author. Will fans like the new premise? Will they like the new characters? Being somewhat of a coward (okay, maybe a LOT of a coward), I decided to link the first book in the new series to my Blackthorne, Inc. books, as a ‘stepping stone’ into new waters.

As for the new book, it’s available for preorder now, and will go live on February 10th. Find more, including buy links here.

How do you feel about trying a new series from an author you already know? What experiences have you had? Any series that hooked you as much as others by the author? Why? Any that fell flat? Why?

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143 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Terry Odell

  1. Read the excerpt which sounds intriguing! I wouldn’t have connected the story to the cover layout. Looks like something different. I love it when favorite authors branch out and try something new. Some fail miserably, some are very successful. Always love a twist in my stories to keep me interested.

    1. I’m nervous about the cover, too, Lyn. I tried a new artist, famous for her romance covers, and I hope readers will look at the blurb and excerpt before deciding what the book is about. You can’t judge a book by its cover is oh so true.

  2. I don’t always like a new series by an author I enjoy, but I always try it. Most of the time if I like one I will like the new one.

  3. If I like an author I will usually try a new series by them. I don’t always like the new series but sometimes I wind up liking the new one better. One author that comes to mind is Jenn McKinlay. I started reading her cupcakes series. When she came out with a hat shop series I tried that and wound up liking it more than the cupcake one.

    1. It’s always a delight to find something even better than what you’ve already liked, isn’t it? As authors, we try to get better with each book, but we still have to attract readers to a new series. Some authors go the stand-alone route when they need a break.

  4. I usually try all the series of an author I like & I’ll stick with the series till the end. There has only been 1 series recently that I stopped reading. I made it through 2 books when I realized I was too frustrated with the backstory that I couldn’t enjoy the books.

    1. Handling back story is always a challenge. Right now, I’m reading a book for my book club, and it’s #18 in the series. I’d read another series by this author, and liked it, but I’d need to go start at the beginning, I think, because right now, I’m just plain confused.

  5. If I have enjoyed previous books from an author… I love looking forward to reading more from them in the future!

  6. If I like an author I am always ready to try whatever they have written. I enjoy a variety of genres so often find another new series to follow. I also try authors that blog with other authors. That has also led to new series and authors to follow.

    In Hot Water sounds great – from the description more like suspenseful romance! Good luck, can’t wait to read.

    1. Thanks, Sally. Yes, it’s another of my romantic suspense books, loosely tied to the Blackthorne series to (I hope) make readers of that series more willing to try the new one.

  7. When I find an author I like, I usually read all of their books. It’s rare that I don’t do that because usually something about a familiar writer’s voice appeals to me. That always transcends story. I have had some disappointments, like when Julie Garwood moved from historical to contemporary fiction. Her books were still great, but I was in love with her historical voice. After a little while I was able to get past my feelings and enjoy her work again.

    Far be it from me, though, to criticize any author from writing new series. I have a wandering muse, and I have been known to change genres. I’m thankful for every reader that comes along, and I know Terry Odell and the others here feel the same way. BTW, I love Terry’s books.

    1. Thanks, Maggie – I’ve had a few disappointments, but you’re right – usually the writing carries me through. The disappointments generally come when I can’t fall in love with the new characters.

  8. I love trying out new books from new authors and giving my opinion to others and then recommending them to our book club!

  9. When I find an author I like, I will read everything by that author. I can’t recall having been burned. I am not influenced by the cover; if the blurb sounds interesting, I’m in. I’ve pre-ordered Hot Water!

  10. Trying a new series by a favorite author is usually fun. It’s as if the author is a friend of mine who is introducing me to new friends of hers–then my social life branches out. It just does that in the convenience of my home.

  11. I tend to read the same authors over and over, so when they branch out, that’s okay with me. I like that you ‘connected’ your new series to the older one. It means a lot of people who are familiar with your books are more likely to grab your new one.

  12. I’ll try a new series. Sometimes they connect with me and sometimes they don’t. The author has gone into an idea that doesn’t appeal or the storyline isn’t interesting. I don’t let that keep me from enjoying the author;s series that I do like.

  13. Sounds like a great new series, looking forward to reading it.Love your other books, so I’m sure I’ll love this one too

  14. I always read a new series by an author – most of the time they are just as enjoyable as the orignal.

  15. I’m very loyal to my chosen authors. Lorraine Heath comes to mind first and I especially enjoyed her last two series as they were connected through family lines, the children from the first series became the leads in their own series. In this way I felt particularly invested in their lives as I saw them evolve over many books. The reason I follow an author is because of their writing style (their ability to craft witty banter or intense emotions), as long as that doesn’t change I’ll follow them anywhere.

  16. Sounds like fun. I love new series by authors I’m familiar with. If you read too much of the same characters, they get stale. I can’t say they’ve always been winners, but I’ve found some series that I continue with. For example, I started reading the Stephanie Plum books by Evanovich. I’ve since continued with her Fox/O’Hare series. Also, I started with Sandford’s Lucas Davenport books but love Virgil Flowers. These are just a couple of series authors I’ve read and continued with.
    I wish you much success on branching out.

    1. I love Virgil Flowers, too. I wasn’t sure I would, but I think John Sandford knows how to keep readers engaged. And, the fact that Virgil is tied to Lucas Davenport helped bridge the gap.

  17. I enjoy following my favorite authors from series to series. So far, I haven’t been disappointed in any of their series. I especially enjoy Suzan Tisdale’s historical romances.

  18. My maiden name is O’Dell so I must have books by Terri. I have decided to visit the Triple-D-Ranch.

  19. Romantic suspense is the “name of my game” as far as reading goes, Terry. And I am willing to read from new authors in that genre as well as new series by authors I already know. I have recently purchased your first book in the Blackthorne series so I don’t know your writing as yet, but definitely will soon. I have also pre-ordered In Hot Water because my interest is piqued by the combo of suspense and in a western setting. I’m a Southwest gal who grew up on a ranch so I’ll just bet you I like this new series of yours too. Thanks for the post! jdh2690@gmail.com

  20. Romantic suspense is great! Evanovich wrote comedy but now has a mystery series with Lee Goldberg and I actually like those even more than her other series. But I tried it because I liked the author. You’re right to leave a stepping stone.

    1. Yes, I was afraid to totally jump off the cliff without a lifeline–although there’s no connection between my other 2 romantic suspense series. Somehow, this one seemed to need a connection.

  21. I love trying new series by author’s that I love. Your book sounded so good that I just preordered it!

  22. I usually will try a book if it’s by an author I like. I don’t really like to read suspense or murder type stories. My favorite books are usually historical, and should have some humor in them. Life is difficult so for my reading pleasure I want to be entertained with positive things.
    Sometimes the new books are better than the originals or more entertaining I should say. I guess it depends on my mood at the time too.

  23. I’ll always start a new series by a familiar author, as long as it’s not too far outside the genre I’ve come to love. I think your stepping stone idea is great.

  24. I love all your books, so a new series and characters will just be fantastic! I look forward to reading the first one.thank you for writing books that make the reader want more.

  25. Your new book sounds great and I’m interested in tagging along on your adventure! I like to try a new series by an author I’m already familiar with. It’s interesting to follow along with the new characters and in the new setting. One that comes to mind for me is a couple of series by M. C. Beaton. The first series I read featured Agatha Raisin and it was absolutely hilarious. Then in finding out more about the author, I came across another series that had a police constable in the lead. Both of these series are terrific and completely different. Thank you for the terrific contest and the extra entry!

  26. If I like an author’s books, I will definitely try a new series by that author. Jill Shalvis, Roxanne St. Claire and Lori Foster have all started new series and I love them. I love your books, so I’m sure your new series will be great! Congratulations on winning the Killer Nashville’s Silver Falchion Award!

  27. I enjoy trying new series from authors I’m familiar with, as there is a certain comfort in their writing styles. If I find a series that sounds inviting to me, even though I’m not familiar with the particular author, I’m always willing to give it a try. Branching out as an author sounds like a positive to me. Somewhere in your mind and heart you were led in a new, creative direction. I’m glad you took a risk! Congratulations on your new series!

    1. Thanks, Betsy. This series began when a publisher wanted something new, but then declined the project, so I tied it to Blackthorne and revised it. Hope you like it.

  28. I find new aeries from other authors. I follow a bunch of authors on facebook and they’ll talk about who they’re reading, or who they’re friends with and so on. Found a few new authors that way so far!

  29. If I am enjoying an author’s series, I often hate to see that series end. However if the author starts a new series I am eager to read that series, also. Authors seem to become “old friends” even if we have never truly met them.

  30. I love a good series, and read many 🙂 sometimes they fall flat when story line repeat too much, but a goo formula is a good formulation. Unique characters and varying storylines that keep building the world rock!

    1. All my books are in print as well as digital 🙂 But you can read on almost any device now — from smartphone to tablet to laptop to computer. And who knows? Maybe you’ll win an e-reader!

  31. If a favorite author is writing a series, I always feel safer reading THAT series than I would reading a series written by a new, untried author. I get very attached to some writers’ styles, so series are automatic purchases for my collection for me (Robert B. Parker, for instance – though NOT the new ones written by other people since his death, Jonathan Kellerman, Patricia Cornwell, Janet Evanovich). So far, I’ve been very pleased with series my favorite writers have created. It’s exciting to open that first book, like taking part in the whole process.

  32. I enjoy reading series books and would at least try the first book of one offered by a writer. It wouldn’t matter if they are a favorite or a new author to me. If I like the first book then I continue with the series. For me it’s that simple.

  33. I will follow a favorite author to a new series as long as it is in the same main genre. If I know an author can write a good mystery, I’ll read their romantic suspense. Good luck withe the new series. The different look to the cover works well if you are aiming for the romance readers and the story is heavy on the romantic aspects.

  34. I’m very interested when an author I know ventures into a new series. It’s mostly because I love seeing how they play it out! Sometimes, they’ll fall short, but nevertheless, I love it when an author I love goes for something new and different.

  35. Honestly I’m more comfortable trying books and series by authors i know than a totally unknown author. I kinda know what to expect.

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