Let’s Talk with James M. Jackson

April 19, 2018

Blog Tour by James M. Jackson

It’s been sixteen days since the release of Empty Promises (Seamus McCree #5). To help get the word out to mystery/suspense/thriller readers, I signed-up for a Blog Tour that started a day before its release and ends tomorrow (4/20). The blogs take two forms: interviews and guest posts. It’s interesting for me to see the different interview questions bloggers choose, and I enjoy creating guest posts that allow readers a peek under the publishing world’s covers or find out more about me.

It’s not too late to qualify for the grand prize, naming rights for a character in the next Seamus McCree novel. Every time you comment on any one of the blogs included in the tour, you are entered into the raffle. Here’s a webpage with links to all the tour stops if you’d like to participate.

What kinds of author blogs do you like reading best?

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with James M. Jackson

    1. Maggie, both of those can give you some good insight into the author’s head (although it can be scary in there), and the character guest posts give you a hint of the writer’s style.

  1. I like author interviews best–I like hearing the challenges and joys of making a specific book, especially what kinds of research went into it.

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