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Blog Tour by James M. Jackson

It’s been sixteen days since the release of Empty Promises (Seamus McCree #5). To help get the word out to mystery/suspense/thriller readers, I signed-up for a Blog Tour that started a day before its release and ends tomorrow (4/20). The blogs take two forms: interviews and guest posts. It’s interesting for me to see the different interview questions bloggers choose, and I enjoy creating guest posts that allow readers a peek under the publishing world’s covers or find out more about me.

It’s not too late to qualify for the grand prize, naming rights for a character in the next Seamus McCree novel. Every time you comment on any one of the blogs included in the tour, you are entered into the raffle. Here’s a webpage with links to all the tour stops if you’d like to participate.

What kinds of author blogs do you like reading best?


  1. I like learning about an author, but most of the blogs I follow are writing craft related. Can never stop learning.

  2. I like blogs that teach me something new.

  3. tinawhittle says

    I like author interviews best–I like hearing the challenges and joys of making a specific book, especially what kinds of research went into it.

  4. I like reading the author interview questions and the character guest posts.

    • Maggie, both of those can give you some good insight into the author’s head (although it can be scary in there), and the character guest posts give you a hint of the writer’s style.